Subcontractor’s Guide to Using Construction Management Software
Subcontractor’s Guide to Using Construction Management Software

Subcontractor’s Guide to Using Construction Management Software


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Subcontractors also play a vital role in construction projects. They provide specialized services that the firm may not have like electrical works, plumbing, HVAC, tiling, waterproofing, setting up scaffolds, and so on. Without these people, the building can’t be declared 100 percent finished.

But what if as a construction subcontractor, you are scheduled to do your work as per contract but the timing was adjusted and it turns out that you came early. Wouldn’t this be a waste of time for you and your crew?

Now, what if the timing was adjusted and you were called early but your team isn’t prepared? Wouldn’t it hurt your reputation?

What about when you arrive at the right time but the field supervisor wasn’t able to prepare the area you should be working on? Wouldn’t this cause dispute when you aren’t able to document the reason why you weren’t able to do so and weren’t able to provide proof that it wasn’t your fault?

If these are scenarios you want to avoid, then it’s time to use construction management software for subcontractors.

Using Simpler Construction Management Software for Subcontractors

Overly complicated construction management software might turn out to be a useless tool. Yes, it’s a good value for the money to get one software that can do so many but think about the confusion it can cause among your not-so-techy staff. Will, it still be useful or will it be a waste of investment if they end up ditching the software because they couldn’t understand how it’s supposed to work.

This is why every industry goes the extra mile to design technologies that are focused on supporting industry-specific tasks. All-in-one software can be too complicated and too confusing to use so subcontractors should be keen on finding the right program to use that can cater to their specific needs.

That’s why the first thing that construction management software for subcontractors should be is simple and straightforward. This is the only way to make your crew and foreman use the software. It’s even nice if you can use the same program that your general contractor uses so you can connect with him effectively, making the flow of information between you smoother. That way, everyone can get the information they need without having to chase them down.

Subcontractor Management Software – When to Shift to a New One

Let’s say you are already using some kind of management program and you’ve been on it for years. So how do you know that you should continue using it and wouldn’t need to upgrade or shift to a new subcontractor management software?

Just look for the following signs:

  •         When using your old subcontractor project management software, does it take you over 30 minutes to an hour and on some days, a half-night to finish the entries?
  •         When you are collaborating with the general contractor or other subcontractors, is the speed of the software slower?
  •         Can you add and manage your photos easily? Every subcontractor needs to take photos throughout the day to document their accomplishments or problems they encounter. Now, are you able to create a place on your software where you can compile all these photos in an organized way? If you’ve ever needed a photo in a daily report or to report on a task, then you know what we’re talking about.
  •         Are you writing reports in your system and then will need to write the same information again into your general contractor’s system? Isn’t this a huge waste of time? Wouldn’t it be more efficient if your system can connect with your general contractor’s or when you both use the same program?

Using these points, assess whether shifting to a new management program will help you make your work more efficient or not. Also, compare programs to see which will help you avoid issues that can end up being costly and destructive for your reputation.

But even after seeing that their old programs are worthy to be ditched, some would still feel hesitant because of the budget.

Software is always the last thing any subcontractor would think about investing on. Little do they know that this program can help save them from a lot of trouble and even bring more money to their table.


Web-based construction management software gives you an unlimited space where you can save important files like photos or videos for your reports and evidence. These kinds of data will help save you from any disputes and you can easily justify reasons for any delays. Having a subcontractor project management software also helps you communicate with your general contractor, helping you solidify your relationship with them and increasing your chance to get repeat business. There is so much more that modern construction management software can do for you. But overall, its most important contribution to your business is helping you build your reputation so you can make more profits in the future.

So make sure that when you decide to use a subcontractor project management software, you get the program that suits your need and can connect you with your general contractor. And remember that a construction management software that’s easy to use and produces a professional report will help you avoid the problems of a pen and paper method like inaccurate data or missed a report.

Furthermore, with a web-based construction management software, the reports you turn in will be clean, impressive, and something you can be proud of.

Subcontractor Project Management Software Settles Disputes

As we said earlier, one of the best things that modern software can do for you is to help you avoid disputes. When project management software is being talked about, people usually only see the benefit it brings to general contractors and that is getting a log of all the work done on the field. They are able to see whether their subcontractors really worked for the day or not and see how much they accomplished if they worked. This will then help them determine whether they got a good team or if it’s time to replace them with a better subcontractor.

But on the other side of the coin, the subcontractor benefits, too, in the use of construction management software. This solution should be a means for subcontractors to protect their interests when disputes arise. Because when it does, the subcontractor will need more than just a spreadsheet to prove their side. It isn’t enough, too, to make a lot of phone calls explaining what happened without sending any proof. When an accident or costly damage was made, then the investigation will be stricter. This is why it’s important for your crew members, too, to diligently document everything they do on the site. Or better yet, assign your foreman to do all the photo and video documentation as your team works on the site.

The ability to quickly and easily settle disputes between contractors and subcontractors is a huge benefit to construction management software for subcontractors. This saves relationships and creates trust between the two parties, making them able to work with each other for years.

Other Problems Resolved with Construction Management Software

One of the biggest concerns that general contractors have on their subcontractors is time tracking. If the contract states that subcontractors will be paid per day instead of by project, general contractors will be strict to check on daily accomplishments and so as time logs. This way they will know how productive and capable their subcontractors are.

If they use the same construction management software, then both will save time tracing performances and time logs and suspicions will be eliminated.

Another problem that usually arises between these two parties is inaccurate labor reporting. Getting unpredictable job reporting for man-hours from subcontractors can eat a company alive. This is where construction management software for subcontractors like Pro Crew Schedule can help save real dollars. General contractors look for real data. So by using software, both will find where discrepancies happen and can work together to resolve the issue.

While getting accurate hours in the field certainly helps the GC when it comes to payouts and estimates, it also helps the subcontractors keep tabs on their own crews and make better decisions.

So what do subcontractors really think about construction management software? It all depends on how easy it is to use. If it’s complicated, then it should be high time to shift to a simpler one that you and your whole team can use to your advantage.

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