Scheduling for Your Electrical Projects
Scheduling for Your Electrical Projects

Tips and Tricks on Proper Scheduling for Your Electrical Projects


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In any service provider business, proper planning and scheduling of jobs are needed to deliver optimum customer satisfaction. These processes are done to see to it that all job orders are completed on time. This goes the same for electrical contractors.

A well-planned electrical project schedule helps in outlining the pace of work of deployed technicians. First, it serves as a guide as to how tasks should be done and later serves as a checklist to make sure that nothing from the list of tasks is missed. Furthermore, the project schedule defines the methods and sequence in which materials, as well as tools and equipment, should be used in a project.

Preparing project schedules when your firm is in demand can be a bit difficult as your scheduler should look into many elements so he can design the right schedule. Your electric company’s scheduler is also responsible for taking into account the overall scope of each job order. He also studies the connections between different components so that he can come up with a schedule that will work for all technicians when several of them are needed to be dispatched for a single project.

One of the biggest advantages of preparing a project schedule before beginning any electrical works is that you get fewer surprises down the road as everything is outlined in great detail in the schedule. By preparing a schedule, you will have complete control over your electrical projects and it will enable you to plan your business operations more effectively.

One more advantage of proper project scheduling is that it gives you the ability to maximize quality control measures as you can sequence the tasks and assign the right quality and quantity of materials to use in every task. This is especially beneficial when you take on industrial electrical projects or electrical construction projects where a lot of resources are required.

Finally, when you are taking big projects, proper scheduling will allow you to give time to various teams like your designers and technicians so they can better plan their activities. Safety is a big concern in any construction project and planning all the activities will help enhance safety performance on the field. It also ensures proper protection for all your workers as they go to the site. Proper scheduling also helps you achieve high efficiency and complete the project in a reasonable time frame.

With all those said, you need to pay attention to your scheduling process. By leveraging a well-designed electrical contractor business scheduling software such as Pro Crew Schedule, you can maximize efficiency and productivity in your firm.

Employing Electrical Business Scheduling Software in Your Firm

Scheduling is necessary to keep your projects on track but the process can be painful if you are not using the right software. This is why Pro Crew Schedule designed its very own electrical contractor scheduling software. With this software, you can easily organize job orders, plan tasks, assign roles, and distribute work no matter where you are. This is possible with the software’s AI and cloud storage.

Tips for Better Scheduling on Your Software


1.Avoid Double Entry Data

Double-entry data is still a problem in most businesses even in this modern era. But this is because some firms still resort to in-premise software rather than using the cloud.

Working in the cloud has changed the way that electrical firms function. Cloud-based electrical contractor scheduling software lets you and your technicians view pertinent information anywhere you may be for as long as there is an internet connection. This eliminates duplicate data entry.

Its real-time delivery of information won’t let anyone in your team be tempted to send information over and over until he’s sure that others received it. With the use of cloud, data is entered once and everyone involved in the project will surely get the message. Files can be edited by multiple members and others will automatically see the changes. This takes away the old problem of saving multiple versions of a file that can later become confusing.

All reports are then kept accurate and up to date. Your project managers or field supervisors can stay on top of the jobs the entire time. Finally, your members can make an informed decision without waiting for information and time-consuming meetings.

2.Collaborate Instead of Hosting Meetings

As we mentioned, meetings can be time-consuming. Your technicians on the field and your team at the office will need to travel at a common place for the meeting, prepare meeting materials, and hear out debates that may not have the best conclusion. When meeting face-to-face isn’t really necessary, you can just communicate and collaborate directly using your Pro Crew Schedule electrical contractor scheduling software.

3.Give Your Members an Overview of Their Tasks

Sometimes it’s not enough to just declare the due date or the time needed to complete a task. When you list tasks, it will also be helpful to give the member an idea of the amount of effort that’s required to complete each work. So in your crew view, sum up the manpower intensity of all tasks on any given day.

You can also use this information to sequence and plan tasks based on your manpower restraints. For instance, ask yourself how many workers are needed on-site on a given date to meet the project deadline?

4.Isolate Tasks to See High-Priority Tasks

Use filters to look into every task schedule. Sometimes a single project requires several tasks and it can be difficult to track priorities when the Gantt or calendar is full of confusing details. By sorting and temporarily eliminating some noise from your schedule, you can pinpoint which of the tasks should be prioritized first.

5.Link Related Tasks

Create “related tasks” in your schedule so that you can easily track dependencies or manage subtasks. Once you create a relationship between two tasks, they will both appear within each other anytime you open either one. Doing this will help you recognize tasks to complete first or do in the right order to keep your project on track.

6.Sequence Tasks with Start and End Dates

The last thing that any busy field worker wants to be doing on-site is sifting through all of your tasks just so you can figure out what task should be done next. To avoid this and save time, schedule tasks by adding the start and end dates. This way, your technicians can easily sort their tasks by start or end date and to ensure that the tasks appear sequentially.

Final Thoughts

Overall, proper scheduling in your electrical projects brings many benefits to your business. Pro Crew Schedule’s electrical contractor scheduling software can help you prepare a proper construction schedule and outline all the needed activities in a project to complete a job order on time. So start taking advantage of this technology and take your business to the next level.

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