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5 Realistic Ways Concrete Contractors Can Ultimately Increase Profits


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You probably heard already the coined phrase that “time is money” and this couldn’t be more agreeable and truer among concrete contractors. There are many instances when contractors bid on jobs very much competitively and this is one of the reasons why profit margins tend to be lower. Thus, it forces contractors to consider and assess other possible ways that could help them increase job profits and even ultimately considered latest trending builder software. This makes on-the-job productivity or alert productivity becomes extremely vital to the success.

Productivity isn’t clearly defined by dollars as it has been by hours and this totally makes efficiency extremely crucial. For instance, a crew can able to complete several working hours –perhaps even days-ahead of has been initially planned or projected. That particular case has produced more money back into the pockets. However, it is still equally important to not cut corners if it is for the sake of completing and finishing ahead of the planned schedule.

So the question now will be, how can concrete contractors can successfully maximize profits particularly in the field of work they belong where low-margin income is traditional?

In this blog, we are going to discuss about the 5 realistic ways on how contractors can increase their profits fast. Kindly see the list below.

  1. Reworks Issues must be fixed  

A well-organized workflow has always worked for any concrete contractors. Well, at least that was everybody is believing, however, in some instances, it always wasn’t the case. There are a few factors that affect the efficiency of the workflow. Reworks are definitely one of the recurring issues dealt with the contractors. Reworks have been considered as a common problem and it usually occurs due to lack of collaboration and communication among the teams involved.

The estimated cost for rework issues can able to increase up to 5% of the whole total amount and also for the value of the contract. This only means one thing. Eliminating rework is able to increase more profits for concrete contractors. For the ones leading the team, it is their responsibility to find ways to solve such problems. Since lack of communication is one of the clear reasons why issues like this reoccur, discover ways to enhance communication among the crew, subcontractors, design teams, and all other professionals involved. 

Communication must be crystal clear, concise, and most important of all, it must be effective. By using the tool below, it can help to reduce the massive impact of costly reworks and at the same time improves communication as well. 

Project Management Software

A software for construction project management like Pro Crew Schedule can effectively enhance communication needs. There is a centralized channel for all the teams and group of workers who are involved in the project. Using this software helps to boost work productivity, hence, it is proven to increase profit. Below is the list of features this software tool has offered:

  • Multiple scheduling – for as long as someone has the access, scheduling of multiple tasks is achievable and can be done at once. It reduces repetitive step-by-step processes and data entry. Thus, saves time and money.
  • Smart-filtering – created tasks can be filtered anytime and anywhere.  
  • Time Tracking – the time spent by the crew working can be tracked. The time tracking of this software is fully integrated and has balances and checks.
  • Prerequisite Task – this particular feature permits the user to add tasks that are needed to be accomplished before the status for the master task will be shift “into in-progress”.
  • Scheduling using a mobile device – users will have full control of all built-in features; this crew schedule software is entirely responsive and always be available on the phone. Real-time organization of all tasks, projects, and the crew is attainable.
  • Audit log – viewing all workers who have done changes is easy whether they added, changed, or deleted tasks. An audit log is known to be a timestamp of all events that automatically occurring in the software. The admin can view every single change made.
  1. Investing in Training and Hiring Competent Workers

In order to obtain an increase on the profits in terms of concrete contractor jobs, there is a need to acquire a group of high-quality and competent laborers. Competency is certainly one of many factors to consider when hiring any concrete subcontractors. Being skillful and competent has contributed to the efficiency of the team and the work they do. The majority of the construction services seem to be like a very easy process to do, but in actuality, it is definitely not. For example, services like cement mixture are known to be so complex, there’s a need to include designs, reinforcement needs, specifications, and other included innovative possibilities.

Investing in good workers having the necessary skills and retaining them can come to a long way particularly in the field of cement contracting. Make sure to hire the perfect candidates for the position and make sure to implement construction crew management. And once contractors have finally hired the right candidates for the job itself, it is the responsibility of these professionals to continuously provide better opportunities for them to grow and improve their skills. This is necessary in order to make them efficient, thus, team productivity is achieved.

Take note that investing as well as providing the required training for these workers is absolutely nothing compared to the many benefits you will obtain in the long run.

  1. Boost Productivity by Transparency

Lost time is some of the main factors that potentially decrease profit. Jobs that are regularly behind the schedule are equivalent to lost productivity. There are a few factors that directly lead to this conflict. It is often due to lack of information, documentation, and communication from any of the involved concrete workers and crew that are moved to the other areas.

There is only one solution to this problem – create a clear and concise with viable information and full details. This set of details and information must be accessed anytime and anywhere by the workers. By doing so, it minimizes the time usually spent in waiting and eventually promotes quicker decision making.

There are tools that are proven to be useful in helping facilitate better transparency methods. A builder trending software can absolutely provide help in this area and can ensure to promote efficient productivity overall. This is clearly what really matters as of now. 

  1. Upgrading the Tracking Method for the Materials

Different strategies and methods have been implemented every now and then for the construction projects with a goal of improving the workflow and the team collaboration and essentially making the project a success at the end. Resources and other materials as being a vital part are also being managed. The tracking method is usually done for all construction materials. And yet, it is best to have and use a reliable way of tracking methods especially when the construction materials were explicitly received.

A construction scheduling software is reliable enough in managing and tracking the materials firsthand. Several job orders for materials can be monitored from multiple sites at the very same time. The assigned crew is to be held accountable for the process.

Furthermore, delivering as well as the timing of the materials is considered as one crucial aspect for the entire success of any concrete projects. In order to avoid any form of inconveniences or major headaches, contractors have been given plenty of options to solve such issues. Apart from using construction schedule software, incorporating sensors that are connected to IoT or better known as the Internet of Things in all operations is one great option to avail. Collated data coming from the sensors have the capacity to track deliveries from fleets, concrete suppliers, and many more minimizing down times.

  1. Keeping updated with all the Latest Concrete trends 

To further achieve increased profits, it is very necessary to get updates with all the latest concrete trends and innovations. There are many distinct technological advancements showcased in the concrete industry these days. Below are several promising concrete trends that are taking in control of the industry.

  • Concrete 3D printers
  • Bio-concrete
  • Super-hydrophobic concrete
  • Fast-drying concrete
  • Thermal insulation

While some of the mentioned innovations are still in the very early stage and are too new to be used for an extensive basis, the promising potential mustn’t overlook. As someone who manages a team as well as a concrete project, it is always much better to be updated every now and then with new things associated with the concrete industry. These trends are continuing to be developed and thus, become more widely used.

Key Takeaways

Like being said, profit margins when it comes to concrete contractors are generally and traditionally slim. Thus, there is no reason for these professionals to actually never consider the latest trends. Furthermore, it is necessarily important to comprehensively consider advanced practices and methods that can totally help improve profitability. Remember that, time is equal to money which only means that you cannot afford to be wasting it.

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