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Top 8 Online Construction Project Management Courses


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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for construction managers will spike to its height between 2016 and 2026. The organization previously projected the field’s growth to reach 11% within that span. Hence the demand for more professionals to handle the construction crew management role.

While construction managers in the U.S. make over $85,000 per year and the top 10 managers make a whopping $160,000, not all aspiring construction professionals are attracted to take on the position. As we mentioned in a previous blog, there’s too much stress in the field that construction project managers need to handle. From construction crew management to progress monitoring, scheduling, planning, risk mitigation, and so much more, a project manager’s tasks can never be too easy. If it hasn’t been for technology like construction schedule software, modern-day project managers may never handle the overly demanding construction works today.

Thanks to technology and new builder trends, more people now want to take on the role. But not just anyone can lead the construction site. Project management for construction requires immense knowledge on the process, experience, and skills. The success of a project is highly dependent on him. So, to become an effective construction project manager, it is recommended for aspirants to complete a course designed for project management for construction.

The good news is that professionals now have the option to study construction project management online. They can take both the bachelor’s and master’s courses online, which are hosted by accredited schools in the U.S. Project managers who feel like they need to boost their knowledge can also enroll in a couple of online courses that offer the latest builders trends they need to know about.

Below, we listed 10 of the best online courses for project management for construction and refreshers for those who are already project managers.

Top Construction Management Online Courses


I – Bachelor’s Online Degree for Construction Project Management


1. Indiana State University

The Indiana State University in Terre Haute, hs a special online bachelor’s course for project management for construction. The course is specially designed to help enrollees develop technical competencies and managerial skills they need to become successful managers in the field.

Being an online course, most of the programs rely on textbooks for modules but also weds hands-on learning so students can truly understand their future role and the impact of construction on the modern-day society.

The Indiana State’s 81–credit program adds 39 more credits in foundation studies, receiving 120-course credits. Professionals give lessons with real-world experience and are required to go through an internship for their hands-on experience. This can be finished in 4 years by full–time enrollees or longer for part-time enrollees. 

2. Everglades University

Everglades University is another institution offering an online setup for their BS in construction management course. The programs are designed to help enrollees develop construction crew management capabilities and comprehend industry-specific subjects in construction design, planning, and safety. Students are also guaranteed to have a deeper understanding of project estimation, construction ethics, and writing contracts.

The course requires 123 credits where 90 of which are major–related. Subjects include drawing, project management, sustainability, and mechanical and electrical construction systems. The whole course usually takes 41 months to finish or more, depending on whether you are enrolling full-time or part-time.

II – Master’s Online Degree for Construction Project Management


1. University of Florida

UF in Gainesville, Florida offers one of the unique master’s degree courses in international construction management. The programs are designed to prepare professionals for an executive position on a global scale. The university’s Senior. School of Construction Management is constantly ranked among the nation’s most prestigious construction schools. 

The course focuses on research and management skills. It is intended for construction professionals who have at least five years of relevant construction experience.

2. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

UI at the south of Chicago offers a master’s degree in civil engineering, which focuses on construction crew management. It is a 36-credit course which is available in a fully online format. Enrollees are prompted to select four courses that will fulfill the construction management core. Students may select from construction cost analysis, construction case studies, sustainable construction methods, and more. Electives include materials, transportation, geotechnical, and materials. 

There are also complementary concentrations that students can choose from to refine their professional focus. Subjects include construction materials, societal risk management, and energy-water-environment sustainability. 

III – Other Online Classes Available


1. Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack™ Certificate

This online course will only take just 6-7 months to finish and is designed to help construction project managers to become more skillful. This program offers valuable lessons to help prepare professionals to thrive in today’s highly modern global construction scene. 

Things to Learn

· Creation of construction projects as well as their organization, and financing

· Techniques for properly accounting ongoing construction projects

· Construction best practices to achieve organized procedures that meet the builder schedule

· Proper equipment usage for efficiency and safety

· Current construction sustainability practices

Skills Gained After the Course

· Improved construction accounting

· More effective project scheduling techniques

· Enhanced worksite safety

· lifecycle Analysis

· Optimized Utilization of Construction Equipment

This master’s program comprises of high-quality modules that are equivalent to the programs issued by universities.  

2. MSc Construction Management with BIM

Coventry University in England offers this certification is offering Construction Management with BIM. The course promises to equip professionals with the right skills to become successful in construction management.

This online course is designed to equip enrollees with the right knowledge and skills, so they become more confident in handling construction technology, costinglegislation, and building performance. 

Things to Learn


· BIM Foundation

· Managing Finance and Assets in Construction

· Project Research

· BIM and Sustainability Practices

· Research in Project Management and Contemporary Issues

· Best Practices and Laws in Contract Management 

· Integrated Construction Project

· Organizational Theory

· Construction Project and System Management

Skills Gained After the Course


· Deeper knowledge of building technology, design, and performance

· Professional and ethical responsibility

· Better appraisal, evaluation, and advice on current construction issues in innovation, sustainability, legal, policy, and globalization

· Accurate analysis and solution to construction management problems, taking to consideration quality assurance

· Higher ability to identify risks and more reliable safety management

· Able to analyze multi-disciplinary construction processes like BIM and collaboration

· Selection of appropriate IT platforms to improve construction processes such as construction schedule software, CAD, and other IT solutions

· In-depth research on a specialized construction topic and their application to produce more professional reports for clients

3. Construction Ethics and Compliance

The CIOB Academy home of the best CPD and training programs for construction professionals designed this free online course for earning higher ethical compliance to construction standards. One of the main problems faced by large construction firms in the world includes being fined with multi-million dollar due to breach of construction ethics. This course is designed to help firms gain a higher understanding of construction projects’ ethical requirements to eliminate bribery and modern slavery.

Things to Learn?


· Understanding construction ethics

· The right values and behavior to influence ethical decision making

· Ways to become more professional and ethical

· Construction-related laws and compliance

· Organizational ethics

· Construction project ethics

· Ethical decision-making

· Ethical leadership

· Managing risks and conflicts

Skills Gained After the Course


· Right definition of construction ethics

· More ethical solutions to construction challenges

· Methods for ethics-based decision making

· Understanding personal values

· Company ethics policies

· Legal compliance to requirements in construction

· Higher professionalism in construction

· Ways to overcome ethical barriers

· Ethical leadership and cultures

4. Schedule & Cost Control

This unique online course will help enrollees prepare for the certification exam for PMI Project Scheduling Professionals (PMI-SP).

The course offers modules for learning how to write a realistic builder schedule and execute them to meet the project budget. There are hands-on exercises included so that students can gain real-world experience to help them understand how to properly apply the learnings while observing principles of project performance monitoring.

Furthermore, the course teaches students how to manage tools and equipment to help eliminate risks of construction delays. Lessons on how to communicate project progress to stakeholders are also included as well as better reporting techniques.

Skills Gained After Course


· Proper use of work breakdown structure in developing a network diagram

· Accurate calculation of builder schedule and cost estimation

· Better planning for schedule, cost variations, and scope

· Prediction of future project performance by looking into company historical data

· Predicting and assigning resource requirements

· Monitoring changes and closing project right on time

Course Audience:

· Construction project managers

· Project coordinators

Course Prerequisites:

This course requires project managers to have intermediate to extensive work experience to understand this course better.

Final Words


Being a project manager today is such a rewarding position in the construction industry. It pays a big heft of cash while offering great career opportunities. However, to ensure a successful career in this field, a professional may want to invest some time in taking up a bachelor’s or master’s degree in construction management. Accredited online courses are also available to help professionals stand out in this field. Check our recommendations above and become a more effective project manager and a real asset to your company.


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