different painting tools for house renovation
different painting tools for house renovation

Must Know New Construction Painting Technologies in 2020


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The construction painting trade industry is embracing a new era of revolution with innovations seen in painting materials, painting tools, and now it’s also already leveraging digital apps like painting subcontractor scheduling software and IoT. 

All of which are greatly enhancing the quality of work that painting professionals are delivering to their clients. And as you know, in selling a building, quality and safety aren’t the only bases of the decision of buyers. Aesthetics appeal is important too. So in anyway, painting subcontractors should consider putting their services to the next level by using these 10 new construction painting technologies that we are about to discuss.

9 New Construction Painting Technologies 2020

The construction painting trades industry has come a long way with unique and innovative paint options already available. New hues are out and painting professionals have learned better mixing and matching techniques. They now know how to combine colors to make a space more comfortable to the eyes and feels. New textures are also available from metallic to matte and the usual gloss Moreover, advanced coating technologies are used to add to the safety and durability features of the building. But there are also digital trends that painting subcontractors are now using to improve their processes. 

Here are some of the new technologies we learned about that are about to change the construction painting industry this year 2020:

  1. Moisture Damage Technology

Waterproofing a building greatly relied on paints. In the past, two-component acrylic polymer was used in making waterproofing paints. But today, a water-soluble crystalline micro-structure material is being utilized to penetrate deep within the cement and provide a longer-lasting water-proofing effect. No more molds. No more flooding inside the building.

This moisture damage technology is useful to construction projects set in highly humid locations as well as states that experience heavy rainfall. Construction painting subcontractors can also use tools like Moisture Meter to check the health of the painted concrete member and give an accurate update if new waterproofing is needed.

  1. Washable Paints

Some paint manufacturers are now formulating special types of paints with cross-linking polymers and fine pigments that provide a building a washable property. This helps the building maintain its fresh look for years without repainting. Schools will benefit from this kind of paint materials as vandalism can be easily and less expensively be washed off.

  1. Antibacterial Paints 

Technology can be as awesome as making paints anti-germs and anti-bacterial. Other advanced formulas are also being included in paints for sanitary purposes like anti-fungal and anti-foaming properties. These innovative formulas are being used in health institutions, labs and hospitals, most especially, to help patients who are vulnerable to infections recover faster as bacteria and germs can easily stick the walls.

  1. Odor-Eliminating Paints

Nobody wants to be trapped in a smelly room like in chemical-manufacturing facilities. Fortunately, paint manufacturers are also concerned with the smell of chemicals sticking to their skin and clothes so they came up with an innovative paint technology that can absorb the harmful and unpleasant odor. These anti-pollutant paints can even help in making the air cleaner and healthier for occupants to breathe.

  1. Color Scheme Previewing Software

If the construction industry has the BIM to visualize the end result of a project before the operation even starts, the construction paint trade industry, on the other hand, has a color scheme previewing software or virtual painter to layout chosen color schemes on a 3D model of a building. This helps both the client and the painting subcontractor to experiment with different color schemes and choose the right combination before the actual painting. This eliminates risks of rework when the client doesn’t like the colors originally applied.

  1. Paint Subcontractor Scheduling Software

More painting companies are investing in digital solutions like subcontractor scheduling software to streamline some processes like planning, crew member deployment, scheduling, progress monitoring, collaboration, communication, and crew management. These processes can take a lot of time when done using the traditional methods of site visits and paper and pen. Painting companies that are already using software such as Pro Crew Schedule have been noted to have enhanced productivity, efficiency, and profitability compared to when they were doing those above mentioned tasks manually. 

  1. Eco-friendly Paints

Cheaper paints are no longer equal to poor quality. Paints made of eco-friendly materials are more affordable than synthetic ones but their quality is almost the same. Besides, the construction industry is slowly shifting to the use of green products. Hence, paints with low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) are more preferred by clients. This formula doesn’t only cost cheaper but offers protection on health against harmful chemicals that normally come with regular paints.

  1. Advanced Painting Tools

Tools and equipment used by painting professionals are also going through revolution From paint and rollers, the industry is now harnessing the power of technology through airbrush painting or paint sprayer to make the work faster and the application more uniform. There are also multipurpose paint mixers used by pros to correctly and quickly mix different paints.

  1. IoT for Painting Trades and Industry

The Internet of Things is certainly making a huge impact on the different industries Fo the painting industry, it is slowly redefining the way painting professionals work. Berger Paints, for instance, developed an IoT device called the Device Distribution Beacon, which was designed for handling customer concerns. It ensures that service is still provided to customers even when an agent is not present to answer to customer chats or calls, hence improving customer experience. Consequently, the image of the company is improved. 

Benefits of Applying New Painting Techs in Your Projects

Paint materials and quality have been greatly improved over the last few years. It’s no longer just used to make a building looking more attractive or new. The new technologies we discussed above create cost-effective and eco-friendly elements in buildings. Other benefits they provide occupants with include:

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

We mentioned earlier about the antibacterial and odor eliminating paints. These technologies play a vital role in improving the overall air quality in buildings. Furthermore, they eliminate other elements mixing with the air like concentrations of formaldehydes and other aldehydes, which usually originate from insulation, carpets, and fabrics. Additionally, paints with Formaldehyde Reducing Technology help improve indoor air quality by reducing VOCs from these potential sources. They make the building stay fresher for longer periods of time, hence making occupants healthier and more comfortable.

  1. Reduced Amount of Mold and Mildew

Paints that have an anti-moisture damage technology greatly reduces the amount of mold formation inside the buildings. By doing so, deterioration of the building is slowed down and occupants are protected from the harmful effects of molds including mold-induced asthma, allergic-fungal sinusitis, and other related respiratory diseases.

  1. Microbicidal Properties

Apart from anti-bacterial tech, there is also what we call the microbicidal properties that are now being used in advanced coatings to kill harmful bacteria sticking on the painted surface. 

  1. Achieving Certifications

Having certifications from third-party organizations can greatly boost your company’s credibility and qualification to work with bigger clients. Numerous clients with sustainable construction projects prefer working with contractors that are recognized by trusted organizations like the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI) that identifies companies that meet comprehensive standards for low emissions. By embracing these new technologies we discussed, most especially the Eco-friendly paints, antibacterial paints, and anti-mold paints, you can probably win more projects in the sustainable construction sector.

  1. Enhanced Building Durability

Durability is very important in building projects as they contribute to the longevity and safety of the structure. And paints help provide the durability that you want in your construction project. Most advanced paint formulas even have higher durability than standard architectural paints. They can withstand wear and tear in high-traffic areas as well as the stresses brought about by the changing seasons here in the U.S.


With the innovations coming to the painting industry, subcontractors are able to satisfy the sophisticated taste of architects as well as the budget and standards of general contractors and building owners. Aesthetics are met as well as durability, and the unique benefits we just discussed. Many of these benefits are definitely a surprise as you may never have imagined a paint to eliminate odor and bacteria. But all of these lead to increased client satisfaction and healthier living for occupants.

This is the best time to transform your painting company to a tech-savvy organization that standouts from the rest of the painting subcontractors in your local area. As there is an increased demand for new high-quality products and innovations in construction, new technologies will continue to push on to meet client expectations. So start exploring these new technologies and take your business to the next level.

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