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Top 15 Modular Construction Manufacturers in the US this 2020


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Modular construction is sweeping the construction industry in the country and for good reason. It saves the construction company some time to work on more essential parts of the building when their builders’ schedule is too tight. Efficiency is met even without putting in a lot of professionals at the site for construction crew management and project progress. Finally, stronger construction components can be achieved than on-site results because each part is carefully engineered at the manufacturing site.

But all these benefits can only be enjoyed when you work with the right modular construction manufacturer. And today, we’re going to share with you our list of 15 dependable modular construction companies from different states that you can tap on your next project.

But first, why should you use modular construction when you can build with your own project team?

Modular Construction –Benefits of Prefab Building Components

As mentioned, convenience, speed, and efficiency are the main benefits that a construction company can gain from using prefabricated construction components. The parts are engineered under controlled manufacturing conditions following the same building codes of the state and standards set by the general contractor.

While some construction firms would rather rely on their own efforts, some firms choose to use modular construction because of the following reasons:

  1. Greater Parts Flexibility

Modular components are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled. There’s also what we call relocatable modular components that can be conveniently positioned in one location to another making it easy for the firm to fix the structure in no time. This also allows for the part to be refurbished for new use hence minimizing wastes and demand for new raw materials. And these characteristics are most useful when the client decides for building expansion.

  1. Lesser Wastes

The construction industry is generating a lot of waste that its total disposal accounts to 2.2 billion tons per year and a recent report states that it will likely double by 2025. But when firms use modular components for some parts of the project, this much waste can be lessened. This is because modular construction manufacturers recycle their materials as they focus on controlling their inventory.

  1. Reduced Builders’ Schedule

Time is of the essence in construction. It greatly defines the success of the project and tells whether the firm is to lose millions of dollars over delays. For construction companies who are in tight schedule they use modular construction to reduce the time required to complete the project by 30-50%.

  1. Prevent Delays Due to Bad Weather
    Like reducing the builders’ schedule, modular construction can be used to prevent possible delays caused by weather. Prefab construction components are made inside a closed factory hence, making it possible to continue with the project even when operations at the site are paused.
  2. Safer Construction
    Obviously, indoor construction is much safer than working on-site. By working on components in a controlled condition or environment, risks of accidents are eliminated, hence saving the contractor from liabilities.
  3. Better Engineered Building
    Most modular manufacturers use advanced BIM in assessing the unit’s energy performance. Identifying issues is more accurate and countermeasures are planned more efficiently.
  4. Limitless Design Opportunities

Numerous modular construction manufacturers are excellent at producing unit designs that will better fit with the order they receive. And most often, they are more aesthetically appealing than their on-site counterparts.

  1. More Freedom On-Site

As we mentioned, convenience is one of the best benefits enjoyed from using modular construction. The project team will gain more time to work on the rest of the building components, hence improving the quality of their work. Project managers can focus on keener construction crew management instead of planning mitigation and contingency when errors happen because the team is rushing to finish each phase.

15 Modular Manufacturers in the US 2020

If you finally decide to use modular construction in your project, here are some of the most preferred manufacturers from across the country that you can tap too:

  1. Affinity Buildings Systems

Affinity Building Systems is based in Lakeland, Georgia but it also has branches in other parts of the country including Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, South and North Carolina and Tennessee. It was only established in 2009 but many construction companies are using their services for high-performance modular structures used in custom commercial and residential structures including apartments, hotels, offices, and more.

  1. Westchester Modular Homes, Inc.

The Westchester Modular Homes is in partnership with independent builders from New England, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and others. Founded in 1986, it has already gained over 30 years of experience in creating modular construction components with the efforts of their highly skilled staff in a controlled factory. And in 2000, it has become an “Employee-Owned” company and turned into an industry leader in terms of craftsmanship, innovation in design, and customization.

  1. Huntington Homes

The Huntington Homes started its operation in 1978 and after 40 years, it has already honed some of the most experienced and skillful staff in making prefab construction units. Their expertise in engineering construction units can’t be underestimated as they are known to be one of the best suppliers of modular components to their customers. However, they only offer modules for Wholesale Clients and Turnkey for clients who want one-stop shopping.

  1. Plant Prefab

Plant Prefab is based in Rialto, California and is probably one of the pioneers in prefabricating sustainable construction units. They are known for creating high-quality sustainable single and multifamily homes. Their goal is to build homes with minimal negative impact on resources, water, energy, and the health of people living in them.

  1. Z Modular

Z Modular is an expert in steel fabrication based in Chicago. The company has become a provider of universal construction systems that empowers their clients with improved efficiency, more flexible design, higher build capacity, and greater precision. They also offer open-source software solutions, design assistance, and a wide range of manufacturing and stacking services to their clients across the North America to ensure efficient build cycle. 

  1. Dvele

Dvele is based in California and an expert in designing prefabricated off-grid houses with solar panels.  Clients choose them over their competitors for their fast, efficient, and cost-effective processes as well as their effective use of environmental-friendly materials in their products. Green and modular, these are the best description for their prefab construction units.

  1. Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes LLC

This Pennsylvania-based modular manufacturer has gained a huge network with design-build architects and building developers because of their high-quality prefab modular components. Their team is composed of seasoned professionals with impressive backgrounds in construction and manufacturing. Because of their team composition, the company is able to understand the requirements of their clients for making custom modular construction components. The company is committed to delivering quality, flexibility, and attention to detail to make sure that they produce the highest quality module.

  1. CID Associates, Inc.

CID Associates, Inc. is another Pennsylvania-based modular manufacture that was able to gain their client’s trust with their innovative design and high quality modular building products. Their expertise include designing and creating modular units for offices, dormitories, storage buildings, shelters, accommodation buildings, guard houses, booths as well as mobile offices and in-plant offices.

  1. Clegg Industries, Inc.

Clegg Industries is located in Victoria, TX and deems itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality modular, prefabricated wood and steel buildings, portable and relocatable buildings as well as guardhouses. Clegg Industries also designs and fabricates custom buildings such as military bunk houses, electronic shelters, control rooms, mobile laboratories, switch houses, and more. Clegg’s buildings can be transported anywhere.

  1. Creative Modular Buildings, Inc.

Located in Tampa, Florida and established in 1998, Creative Modular Buildings is a provider of both portable and permanent modular buildings. They build structures out of different materials and is widely known for their cost-effective steel buildings, garages, storages, and so much more.

  1. DACO Corporation

Daco Corporation is a manufacturer of prefab construction components in Kent, Washington. The company is trusted by many construction companies for their high-quality modular offices and other buildings and other prefabricated structures. They boast their large inventory of prefabricated construction units and many of their customers are attest to their quality products and express their satisfaction.

  1. Heritage Building Systems

Heritage Building Systems in North Little Rock, Arizona is a one of the leading providers of pre-engineered buildings, modular building systems, and metal structures. They provide their clients with quality materials that they deliver not just in the U.S.A. but anywhere in the world.

  1. K-Con, Inc.

Since 1984, K-Con has been providing modular construction services in Charleston, South Carolina. Their range of products are so wide but they excel in doing modular buildings, portable buildings, guardhouses, prefabricated steel buildings, modular construction components, and pre-engineered buildings. They assist their clients from design up to installation, offering true cost-effective design – build services.

  1. Modular Building Systems International, LLC

Modular Building Systems International in Winter Garden, Florida provides modular construction for churches, administrative offices, sales centers, charter and private schools, and so much more. They already have 30 years of experience under their belt and is already considered an expert in the modular building industry.

  1. Olympia Steel Buildings Systems

Olympia Steel Building Systems in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of modular buildings and pre-engineered steel buildings. Their main advantage is their 25-year warranty offer and being 100% made in the U.S., their products are certainly durable and properly manufactured.


Modular building has gained popularity and is now becoming the new industry standard when you are looking for cost-effective products and construction efficiency. Modular construction is also a great way to achieve sustainable project as it greatly reduces waste. Furthermore, it speeds up the construction process while improving the quality of your project results. Finally, with prefab and modular buildings, construction managers can focus on improving their construction crew management and lessening on-site activities so the whole project team can hit KPIs and deliver better results in shorter time.

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