Trucks, Rollers and Machinery for Asphalting
Trucks, Rollers and Machinery for Asphalting

List of Ideal Construction Trucks: Different Types and Helpful Tips on Choosing the Right One


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In the construction industry, it is already given that there’s a lot of construction works that needs to be done. Be it lifting, dumping, excavating, or anything which requires moving and transferring heavy loads. Without the use of any large vehicles and heavy machinery, it is absolutely and humanly impossible to lift or elevate tons of weight. The majority of construction tasks require the use of construction vehicles and trucks. This kind of truck which is used in any ongoing construction projects has its own set of uses, functionalities, and capacity. You are given a few different options based upon how you and your team will exactly be using it.

Furthermore, there are a couple of distinct types of heavy construction trucks. Selecting the ideal trucks to be used comes from evaluating the kind of projects you will be working on. Basically, it all depends on whether how huge or small the construction projects will be. The larger the project is, the more multifaceted and complex it will be. Hence, a lot of working, lifting, and transferring of loads to do and every construction vehicle will possibly be used. Otherwise, small-size projects with shorter finishing duration don’t require much of all trucks or any heavy equipment but some of which are absolutely needed to be present.

Now, it is time to get to know the different types of construction trucks and the available options you have once you avail it. There will also be shared tips and factors need to be considered in selecting the ideal construction vehicles.

  1. Dump Trucks

This by far the most popular type of construction vehicle. With its labeled name, this truck is typically used for dumping debris away particularly from the construction site. Bringing additional construction materials to the site is also one of its many primary uses.

Presently, there are 4 available types of dump trucks which are interchangeably used from time to time:

Side Dump Trucks

The fastest available dump truck today when it comes to the unloading of debris. Because of its length, it is commonly preferable to use on sites where space is larger and easy to maneuver. It has lower risks of tipping over because this truck has the capability to tilt.

Off-Road Dump Trucks

Famous by another term “articulated trucks”. These trucks are a huge construction vehicle preferably used for mining operations. Operations such as mining have significant amounts of aggregate being found which need to be dragged and hauled.

Transfer Dump Trucks

There will be a need for a trailer for this type of dump truck. It is normally pulled by another separate trailer that has a flexible and movable cargo container. With the use of this, it can ultimately increase the load capacity without disturbing the maneuverability.

  1. Bulldozers

Definitely, the most reliable and widely-known kind of a construction vehicle. Among all other types, this one proves to be the strongest because of the huge blades attached and fitted upfront. The blades are metallic which are powerful and strong enough to drive the enormous magnitude of debris, soils, sands, etc. It also has an exceptionally tight grip down to the ground.

  1. Front Loaders

There are many names for this kind of truck-scoop loader, front-end, or bucket loader. This earth-moving equipment has similarities to bulldozers. It has heavy huge wheels that are suitable for rough terrains. The arms which are movable have a wide square-shaped bucket that is used in moving materials all around. The buckets are either attached permanently or can be removable. The users do have the options of two. Certainly, the main use of front-loaders is to move all dirt.

  1. Trenchers 

This truck is known for its versatility for it can be largely used for many purposes. The trenchers are specifically used for digging trenches, installments of drainage, trench warfare preparation, and lastly laying out of pipes. Basically, what makes this truck very popular is its flexibility.

Below are the most common types of trenchers used at the construction sites:

Micro Trenchers

When the construction work needs to be carried out particularly in the urban areas, this trench will be more desirable to use. The cutting wheel in this trencher has the capability of cutting micro trenches. It doesn’t consider cutting of huge trenches because it might lead to destruction.

Chain Trenchers

This type of trencher is being used for cutting grounds and forming of narrow and deeper trenches. Track trenchers and digging chains are what it consisted of which are used in cutting pavements when road maintenance is going on.

  1. Cranes

When it comes to the usefulness, cranes are the most considered one out of all existing construction trucks used these days. It is mainly comprised of pulleys and cables. With these parts attached, it allows the operators to lower, lift, and move loads beyond any human capacity. Moving all kinds of materials in a horizontal position is also how it functions aside from lifting and lowering the materials. The majority of construction companies are using cranes on the sites in order to aid the faster and efficient movement of heavy huge materials. It is also important to know that cranes can either be mobile or static.  

  1. Compactors

Erosion of the foundation, breaking pipes and leakages are expected issues when one doesn’t have an adequate amount of soil compaction. If this problem occurs and doesn’t resolve right away, it can result to structural failure which is one of the leading causes of higher maintenance costs.

Compactors are particularly used for soil compaction. It doesn’t matter how large or small the construction projects will be but a compactor is an essential construction vehicle which should be present onsite.

Below are the most common functionalities of a compactor:

  • used to make compact bales
  • vibrating plate compactor
  • reducing trash volume
  • create narrow and deep trenches
  1. Forklifts

It is considered as one of the most powerful construction vehicles. It aids in the transportation and lifting of heavy objects that any human cannot do. A few different types of forklifts are now used these days and each has a different load capacity. Hence, the distinction usually determines at the maximum weight they can able to lift. It ranges from industrial telehandlers to pallet jacks.

The blades or forks can be movable whether raising or lowering it. Moreover, the blades can be tilted in order to compensate for the heavy loads.

  1. Concrete Mixer Truck

Only the mixer truck is capable of combining sand, water, gravel and cement homogeneously in order to create and form concrete. The mixer truck has a revolving drum which was mounted. The drum is where the components all mixed up together. A portable concrete mixer is available to use as well when only smaller quantities of cement are needed onsite.

5 Helpful Factors to Consider Before Availing Construction Trucks

It is expected that the number of infrastructure projects is continuously increasing. This is already enough and an obvious reason for construction businesses to avail or rent construction vehicles. This is necessary for a faster yet efficient way of finishing the ongoing projects without even compromising the integrity of the constructed buildings.

Choosing the preferable construction trucks was not an easy task. Having knowledge about the trucks you buy or rent for your construction projects is an essential factor to consider. The five listed factors below can help you decide upon choosing the right option for construction trucks and dealers.

  1. Quality

Quality of the trucks should be considered firsthand. Hence, buyers have to look for high-quality brands. Trucks are prone to damage if being exposed to unpredictable weather conditions. Constant rain or snows can greatly affect to the different parts of a truck most especially if it all remains exposed to any harsh elements. The affected truck parts can cause technical and functionality issues. It can also be hazardous to the operators working on the site.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

By default, trucks, and vehicles used in the construction industry are extremely pricey. Not only is it incredibly expensive because the maintenance costs come next. One effective tip to bring down the costs down the line is through choosing fuel-efficient machines. Good thing that most of the listed trucks such as the loaders and forklifts have a distinct power train mechanisms. If this was the case, it is capable of raising distinctive technical issues concerning in energy savings.

  1. Technology

Embracing technology is the new trend these days. Make sure to have your chosen heavy equipment associated with technology. The overall performance of the construction business will be improved. The machines and trucks will have more work to finish in lesser time. It does help the projects finish on time.

The use of construction project management software is also beneficial. This software tool is intended for construction projects. With the application of this, the project managers will be updated with the list of operators using the trucks and other heavy equipment used on the site which makes the work way easier and efficient.

  1. Dealer

If you ought to buy these large trucks, make sure to negotiate with the reputable dealers. Take some time researching to check out all dealers near you before renting or buying one. Collect all necessary information you wanted to know about the dealer and the brands and products they offer. Never forget also to ask about the costs and compare them with the budget you have set.

  1. Expertise in Running the Truck and Other Equipment

Even if how high-quality and reliable the machines or truck you’re going to use, it never produce any good and productivity at all if you don’t have the skills and knowledge in using it in the first place. Operators have to possess all the necessary skills in order to operate the heavy equipment and machines particularly the construction trucks in a safe and efficient manner. Ensure that only the experts and trained machine operators are overall in-charge of controlling and operating this kind of truck. This is necessary in order to eliminate the occurrence of accidents and keep a safe workplace.

Monitoring the assigned operators will be then easy if you will have to apply and use a software tool designed for construction management. This construction project management software will help the team particularly the project managers to monitor the ongoing projects especially the assigned operators who run and take control of the construction trucks.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of the presence of laborers working at the site, it’s utterly impossible for the workers to do and finish the construction projects exerting only human manual effort. That is why, construction vehicles and all of its types should be necessarily present for any ongoing projects. It will not only make the work of laborers easier but also it speed up every construction process involved which is one of the most anticipated things to happen.

Aside from these helpful, impressive, and functional heavy equipment and construction vehicles, project management software is also imposed and applied in the construction industry. This subcontractor scheduling software is designed purposely for construction project management. If you may plan to use this type of software tool, Pro Crew Schedule is one of the best choices. It is widely available in the market. Go get now a live demo  today!

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