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The Latest and High-Demand Plumbing Technologies in 2020


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The latest technology trends do not only emerge in the construction industry but also in other areas. With construction project management software being used nowadays, there are new trends also emerging specifically in the industry of plumbing. Therefore, for plumbing contractors, it is essential for them to keep up with the latest trends as well as knowing all new plumbing brands and products beyond just plumbing software. By knowing so, it can have a tremendous impact on the business. On the other side, contractors can take it as an advantage by sharing what they know to their clients and share tips and information.

This year 2020, by scraping data from thousands of Google searches all of which are plumbing-related, we come up with a list of the most in-demand plumbing technologies and brands these days. Take a look below and use this information to further understand the plumbing necessities entirely.

  1. Tankless Water Heaters

This is by far the most searched technology in Google searches. This includes both gas and electric tankless water heaters. As you might guessing, tankless water is definitely a water heater only that it does not use a tank. To clearly define the process, it heats the water when the water flows by the tank. By then, it provides a limitless supply of warm water.

Below are the most high-demand brands for tankless water heater:

  • Rinnai – one of the best advantages of choosing this product brand is the lesser energy consumption. The consumption of energy will be about 40% and lesser than the usual traditional tank. The brand itself is also known for its high-quality functionality and performance. It has a longer life span than others.
  • Ecosmart – with this brand, consumers can save up to 50% in terms of water heating costs. Most Ecosmart products use only energy when it is ultimately necessary to heat water. The compact design of the brand’s tankless type of water heater is also one of many things consumers prefer.
  • Rheem – there is availability for natural gas, electric models, and propane for these types of tanks. Thus, there is a range of options available for this kind of tank tailor to the consumer’s needs.

It is obvious that consumers have wanted to both save energy and of course money. Good thing that tankless heaters are proven to be significantly more energy-efficient compare to any standard hot water tanks today. By utilizing much lesser energy, a water tank that is tankless is beneficial both for the consumer’s budget as well as to the environment.

While plumbing contractors have already the idea of picking the right brands, it will be a completely different story once they are going to execute the project itself and deploying these new technologies. Meeting the client’s expectations and needs is certainly intimidating. The entire work can be a whole lot intimidating upon the installation especially for bigger projects. A construction scheduling software will be really a huge help in terms of listing all plumbing tasks and activities. Subcontractors and other crew involved needs to be monitored as well using the best construction management software like Pro Crew Schedule to ensure the project’s success.

  1. Smart Irrigation

This technology has gotten the 2nd most searches every single month with consistency. This smart irrigation related tech is an irrigation technology that manageably controlled by a particular digital control device. (Most likely connected to a mobile application)

By utilizing this control tech, consumers have controlling capabilities upon using the sprinklers. Turning on and off the sprinklers can be done through the use of their mobile phones. Other functionalities include smart timers which are specifically used to determine the areas subjected next to get watered and set schedule to do so. The system itself will be automatically adjusted based on the current forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Listed below are the most well-known and most searched smart irrigation brands:

  • RainMachine – this is considered as the best weather integrated controller for smart irrigation. It has the capability of using collective internet weather services in order to produce reliable and precise localized weather data
  • Rachio – a kit is available and on top of that a mobile app is also accessible. The popular smart sprinkler controller is the ultimate brain behind the progressive lawn ecosystem.
  • Bhyve – a creation of smart watering schedule is easy and it can also be custom-made

Plumbing contractors often suggested this latest technology trends towards their clients. The contractor with his crew will be working on the installation and other plumbing-related procedures. By doing so, the contractors can be wise enough in deploying construction management software in order to easily manage the installation.

  1. Hot Water Re-circulation

This has to do and related to tankless water heaters stated at number 1. There are systems for hot water re-circulation that is keeping the hot water consistently circulating by the attached pipes. By having this process ongoing, lukewarm and hot water will be flowing instantaneously. Without this system, it is clearly impossible to warm the water stored at the pipes.

In demand brands for water re-circulation are sorted below:

  • Grundfos – the brand sets a new high-quality standard for energy-efficient water circulation. Functional options included full automated operation, uninterrupted full speed operation as well as temperature-controlled procedures.
  • Watts – supplies hot water instantaneously and has an easy installation.

Together with tankless water heaters and the process of hot water re-circulation, the pumps will provide two unique advantages. First and foremost, it ensures that hot water is immediately available. The users will not need to wait for the shower to heat up before using it. Secondly, and probably the most important of all, the re-circulation pumps will save enough amount of water from flowing down the drain. With this happening, the users will not need to wait for the water to finally warm and heat up. Advantageously, it has a positive impact both in the budget and the environment.

  1. Touchless Faucet

One of the most amazing emerging technologies these days in the plumbing industry is the touchless faucets. It definitely works as one expected them to. A sensor will function as a detector. It automatically detects if a hand will be placed right under the faucet. If hands are detected, the water will immediately come directly from the faucet.

The touchless faucet brands getting a high demand now in the market are the following:

  • Delta – a LED light will changes its color for automatic alert eliminating any potential discomfort. The brand features Touch2O Technology.
  • Kohler – the touchless function is taken to another level of handiness and convenience. The intuitive response technology is delicately synchronized with every move it detects.
  • Moen – taking pride with its motion sensor features like touchless activation and a ready sensor which is a detector

A few convenience factors are identified for touchless faucets. Obviously, this type of faucet is easier to use compared to a standard faucet. It also improves hygiene. Using the normal faucet, water will flow once being turned on by touching it. Thus, germs are most likely to spread. But with the touchless faucet, touching it is not necessary. In return, germs will not be spreading contagiously.

  1. Leak Detectors

It is more known to its other name, smoke detectors. This type of detector will absolutely alert the users when water leaks inside the house. Detectors are manually placed in the areas wherein leaking is more likely to occur. Anyone can be alert when leaks are occurring.

Below are the listed brands for leak detectors.

  • LeakSmart – offers the LeakSmart system that showcases water sensors, a central hub, smart valves, and a mobile application. All the mentioned components will function together to protect the house from leaks and floods.
  • Samsung Smartthings – owners can receive alerts and enable to set connected devices turning on and off just when moisture is automatically detected

Upon purchasing a leak detection system, one must be wise enough. Obviously, two huge concerns are identified in terms of it. First, the damage caused by floods. Usually, pipes are not strong enough and can possibly break anytime. This is the primary reason why the installation of a leak detection system is very crucial. Secondly, people are most concerned about the damage costs of the leaking pipes. The expenses of water lost coming from leaky pipes can increase. That is another issue. By installing the system, avoiding such enormous expenses is easy.

Usually, people who preferred to level up their plumbing system with leak detectors hire the best plumbing contractors. With complex huge projects, these professionals on the other side will usually work as a team alongside with other involved workers. A construction schedule software is always a helpful tool for the contractor upon managing the project, installations, and participating crew.

  1. Smart Toilet

In comparison with standard toilets used by many. Smart toilets are known to offer a variety of functionalities including the following:

  • Overflow protection
  • Heated seating
  • Air dryer
  • Self-deodorizer
  • Nightlight
  • Water-saving and self-cleaning features
  • Massaging bidet wash
  • Bluetooth capabilities

Even in toilets, one can able to experience a sense of luxury. Other brands have offered amazing features that are totally excellent and great in terms of water saving and energy saving. Overflow protection, for example is another particular feature that greatly eliminate the possibilities of clogged toilets. Definitely, standard toilets fail in comparison with this latest technology. Wisely enough, overall it is safe to state that if one will purchase a smart toilet, probably they’re buying it for convenience reasons that are valid.

Aiming to Improve Water Efficiency

Water typically utilized in buildings will usually depend on the plumbing-fixture type and how the buildings will be used as well. Even the type of equipment used is considered too. There is also a comparison with the water consumption of cafeterias and the kitchen in commercial buildings between those that are in a residential place.

It is also known that the restroom fixtures have accounted as where the water is most used. Hence, this will be the exact area where there are a lot of chances to be seen in order to improve water efficiency. Good news that today, the accessibility for high-efficiency plumbing fixtures has been increasing. Plumbers know this in the first place and they have all resources and excellent ideas to improve their services.

Below are some of the common strategies that plumbing contractors do and implement for complex plumbing systems in order to effectively reduce water usage, thus, improves water efficiency:

  • Replacing high-flow flush valves and old ones as well as water closets with the newest models. These new models are to be expected to meet or exceed the UPC or IPC specifications. UPC stands for Uniform Plumbing Code and IPC stands for International Plumbing Code.
  • Using of dual-flush valves specifically on the water closets.
  • Changing of the current plumbing fixtures and replace it with high-functioning fixtures that certainly exceed both IPC and UPC standard specifications.

Key Takeaways

With all being stated above, 3 emerging patters distinct to one another have emerged and understood. First, consumers are looking forward to convenience. Second, these people wanted to save more money and reduce water and electricity expenses. Lastly, preservation of water is a goal that must be obtained. If one is involved in the plumbing business, taking note of these new trends and technologies mentioned above is a must. Familiarizing and getting to know all of the trends and the upcoming ones is necessary to keep up with your competitors! Stay updated.

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