Improving Construction Projects through the Use of Mobile Construction Technology
Improving Construction Projects through the Use of Mobile Construction Technology

Improving Construction Projects through the Use of Mobile Construction Technology


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When you’re managing construction, you’re probably aware that the construction industry is currently facing many pressures and competition. Therefore, many clients would look into customer satisfaction and quality service of project task management. Luckily, there is a recent advancement in mobile technology that provides new paths to address this situation.

Mobile construction technology has moved at an extraordinary pace in the industry in the last few years. Tablets, smartphones, and computers have become the norm. The only challenge for people that manage construction projects is about keeping up with this trend. Of course, the technology itself is also being mastered by many as to what it can offer to take full advantage of it.

In this blog, you will know more about mobile construction technology and understand if it is a big help in project task management in construction sites. That way, you will see if it’s best to implement this technology in managing construction.

Role of Mobile Technology in Construction Industry

It comes as no surprise that you can find and witness mobile technology everywhere you go nowadays. But did you know that it’s not different on construction sites? The construction industry has been defined by many as “old-school” because it’s slow in adopting mobile technologies.

When it comes to construction crew management, it could be the individuals clocking in using a mobile time card. It could also be the foreman compiling and collecting a report using gadgets. In addition, it could be the construction manager who monitors if the project is on time and does the budgeting using a tablet. The truth is, there are new mobile applications to assist across every aspect of a construction project these days. 

So, what is the role of mobile construction technology in managing construction projects? Read down below to know.

  • Improve Record-Keeping 

Firstly, one of the important reasons construction industries adopt mobile technology is that it means better recordkeeping on tasks management. With mobile construction technology, there is data collection that can be done in real-time. Individuals involved in construction project recordkeeping can transmit information between the project manager and the site. Cloud-based options mean that the onsite staff can file daily reports, timecards, information requests, and important work records through their tablet or mobile phone.

  • No More Pen and Paper 

When you manage construction projects, the essence of mobile construction technology is that you never have to compile all the information. It can be filed and logged instantly using mobile technology. You never have to use pen and paper that could get lost when there is no proper handling.

It eliminates writing in papers, increasing the chance of errors, miscommunication, and documents getting lost. In addition, you will have a massive amount of manpower and time because of reliable data entry that can be secured and saved using systems.

  • Projects and Tasks can be Done in a Timely Manner. 

Before, project managers have had to wait for all information to be collected and gathered. Then, they’re going to check if it’s done correctly. However, mobile construction technology can immediately see the information they always need to keep the project on time and within the budget. Furthermore, all this information in project task management can be registered with timestamps and dates and GPS location data to ensure that the data is authentic.

  • Improves Collaboration and Communication 

Among the biggest challenges in construction is keeping every individual involved in the project on the same page. But with mobile construction technology, there is already documenting management solutions and collaboration. This is through connections that are direct to construction ERP software that everyone can see.

That said, construction crew management would be easier, as anyone can see accurate data in real-time. In addition, the office will no longer have to wait for reports from the field. Instead, they could get it instantly through email or mobile construction apps. And when the information is entered through the apps, it updates automatically across relevant functions and departments.

  • Boosts Productivity and Efficiency 

Through cutting paper, improving data capture, lessening manual processes, and having information accessible, mobile construction technology will help increase everyone managing construction.

It makes the project become more productive and become more profitable. Since the construction industry is experiencing thin margins, mobile technology will play an important role in reducing costs related to wasted time and drawn-out processes. It reduces the risk of errors that could impact the entire project. 

How Mobile Construction Technology Helps the Gap Between the Field and Boardroom


In project management for construction, mobile technology links the building site with the office. As soon as the information is encoded via tablet or a phone, it reaches the office. But, of course, this only means that everyone is just working with the same data and information.

That said, the worker onsite can take a quick photo using their smartphones, make a report, and send it to appropriate parties for review while they continue with tasks management. It speeds up the project and reduces the chances of making mistakes and errors.

This technology means a reduction of trips made to specific construction site areas, and everything should be logged accordingly. But, of course, the old-fashioned trips around the site and the quick catch-up with the manpower should be forgotten.

Mobile Construction Technology Combined with Safety and Health


Mobile construction technology is not just about software and apps on smartphones or tablets. The data captured from drones, smart, hard hats, and heavy machinery can use mobile technology to improve productivity and maintain the health and safety of everyone on site.

Of course, digital solutions can help with safety and health. For example, the OSHA heat safety tool app monitors the risks faced by workers on heart-related diseases and illnesses. The OSHA’s tool will help keep up with construction crew management to drink fluids, schedule breaks at least one hour a day, inform and plan about what to do with potential emergencies, and train them how to spot heat-related symptoms and illnesses.

Since messages can be taken off quickly through the app, that’s the time that onsite safety can be enhanced as well. Everyone must be notified of the changes in regulations and hazards on the building. Suppose one of the crews gets injured while onsite; other individuals can be tipped off rapidly. No one should be left behind, thereby putting safety first among everything.

There are also cases that tools must not be left unattended for long anymore. Even if it is high-quality, it must be taken down suddenly through mobile apps technology. It only means that there will be no slips stumbles on misplaced gear or equipment. Instead, you can locate it digitally and store it away in a safe place for everybody’s safety. 

Furthermore, mobile construction technology can help deter crimes like theft. As construction site is attractive to the eyes of thieves, the mobile construction technology prevents criminals from going inside the site, especially when tools are locked remotely.

Possible Drawbacks of Mobile Construction Technology


Of all the advantages that mobile construction technology has, there may be drawbacks and challenges along the way. The good thing is that these challenges can be minimal to some. Here are some challenges you need to consider when you adopt mobile construction technology.

  • Adoption of Workers to Connected Devices 

Let’s face it; some individuals have a hard time dealing with technologies or those who are not techy-savvy. The latest construction technology can be hard, and construction workers will need to use wearable technology, virtual reality, or work with different applications and project task management software. It would take time before anyone could get along with this advancement. 

  • Costly 

New devices and technology can be costly to purchase. Contractors and professionals in a construction site agree that rising labor and material costs are rampant in the industry. How much more about the implementation of mobile construction technology. Technologies require ongoing maintenance and upkeep. That said, you must have enough budget to keep it working accordingly.

  • IT security must be increased. 

Since portable devices are prone to security risks, you also need to have IT security needs. Companies must be able to build a security plan to mitigate and prevent cybersecurity risks. This is true, especially if they contain confidential and sensitive information.

Putting Mobile Construction Technology in Place


As mobile technology continues to expand to all aspects of project management for construction, getting used to it and adapting to it will help you get an edge over the competition. The construction company will keep moving through, combining the strengths of project task management and workers.

Everyone can benefit from having confidential information at their fingertips. Furthermore, the mobile construction technology will allow those individuals working on the project to report development, changes, and even risks from their gadgets, whether a tablet or a smartphone. This technology is something everyone should consider. Hopefully, you now understand it right away.

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