How to Leverage Cloud Technology in Your Construction Business?
How to Leverage Cloud Technology in Your Construction Business?

How to Leverage Cloud Technology in Your Construction Business?


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Digital technology eliminates specific problems across all businesses and industries, and construction is no different. From reducing administrative issues to scaling up with automation, technologies are creating opportunities in once-impossible ways.

Look at all large-scale construction projects today, and you will discover how cloud technology quickly becomes an integral part of the industry. While a few remained skeptical about the technology’s high investment costs and technical requirements, cloud technology is too beneficial in the long term just to be ignored. In fact, according to, the cloud computing market is projected to surpass around 2,321.1 billion USD by 2023, which means it is growing and expanding and missing out on any of these advancements is such a big deal.

So, if you have yet to implement any cloud technology in your organization, as a business leader, you are missing out. In this blog, learn about the rise of cloud technology in your sector, its many benefits, and the best way to leverage it to your advantage.

The Arrival of Cloud Technology in Construction


If you are ahead of the trends nowadays, you probably already know that Autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, and activated mobile internet connections are increasingly gaining popularity. From mobile CRM software to project management systems, cloud-based solutions are beyond helpful in streamlining and simplifying numerous daily tasks.

Many business leaders are slowly discovering and adapting to the advantages of converting traditional methods to cloud-based project management solutions. As a matter of fact, the majority of people abandon the usual methods in favor of cloud solutions. In a survey conducted last 2017, 85% of contractors in construction plan to use cloud-based solutions.

And today, cloud technology has become the main driver behind business growth in the construction sector. With faster data sharing and access, any business leader can make their business more flexible, resilient, and efficient, especially when managing construction projects. 

Finally, there is no doubt that new and more advanced cloud-enabled solutions will continue to emerge in the next years.


Key Advantages of Using Cloud Technology


Data-driven insights serve as the solid building blocks that strongly support the future of the construction sector. The more technologies are used to collect and store data, the better business leaders like you can make informed decisions.

Here are some key benefits of leveraging cloud technology, which shows that better data can lead to better productivity, greater outcomes, and even sustainability:


1. Data for better construction cost management

Cloud technology is ultimately changing the role of all financial managers in the sector for the better. As computing transitions smoothly from analog to digital, most financial managers become more effective visionaries. 

This technology has immense power over data, removing any limits that existed before. In the past, financial managers had a hard time tracking transactions and other related tasks. With this next-generation and advanced technology, predictive analytics is a game-changer and helps them to be redirected in the right direction.


2. Greater mobility

Take into consideration the largest infrastructure projects in the mining sector or perhaps the large transportation projects like ports and highways. If you pay attention, such projects are located in highly remote areas – which means these locations are out of reach.

However, with the rise of 5G mobile connectivity with a swift move to blockchain-based cloud systems, construction teams can take advantage of data and other resource-heavy applications anywhere and anytime, making reaching even the most isolated locations easier. 


3. Digitized workflows

For so many years, most construction companies heavily relied on traditional paper-based workflow due to its security, quality assurance and reliable record keeping. But the cloud is now capable more than ever of meeting and can surpass any expectations. And because of that, it creates many opportunities for construction workflows to either be partially or fully streamlined, thus, eliminating the need to haul documents and files from site to site.

With cloud technology, expect to experience paper-free communication between all people and departments involved – from your contractors, head offices, project managers, and other partner companies.

  • Shipments of materials can be easily located at any notice and sent to where they are needed.
  • Contractors can easily track their work by hour, day, and location.
  • Important project and client data can be made accessible to all team members instantly, no matter where the construction site or main office is located.

Overall, the connectivity delivered by cloud technologies proves to create a thorough, seamless, and highly accessible digital “paper trail”.


4. Drive automation

Automation is a big part of digital transformation, with machine learning playing a huge role in optimizing workflow and forecasting problems before they even occur. With cloud-based solutions like construction scheduling software, workflows can be instantly automated. So, expect tasks like ordering construction equipment, tools, and other materials for your worksite can all be operated and handled digitally. 

And as a result, it minimizes downtime that is caused by insufficient logistic and inventory planning.


5. Exceed client expectations

Without the existence of cloud, client management and collaborative account become nearly impossible for you and your team and the rest of your organization. This is also especially true when you run construction projects at multiple worksites.

So, by making the most of the cloud solutions and their cutting-edge features, you can ensure that you are always prepared and ever-ready to meet your people’s and your clients’ expectations. A dedicated cloud-based crew schedule software can help you connect to all people involved, making it way easier to communicate and collaborate between them anywhere and anytime.


6. It is easy to back up and retrieve data

Massive data loss that devastates your business can happen at any time. There can be plenty of reasons why data loss occurs, and they can be due to hardware failures and power surges. When your company stores and back-ups data and files via the cloud, all of the information will be safe and protected.


7. Provides a competitive edge

Let’s say your construction company is still small, and you may find yourself competing with the other construction giants. And it can really be difficult and intimidating. However, when you have the cloud, you display an edge over other construction companies, especially the small and starting ones.

The advantage of cloud technology is that it allows you to be on an enterprise-level data management, storage, access and recovery. As a small company, you can take advantage of this strategy and use the best cloud for your needs. 


8. Sustainability

Real sustainability usually requires solutions addressing wastefulness in every business aspect. The construction sector is popularly known as one of the industries that could be more sustainable. So, simply hosting on the cloud is a good move to become more environmentally friendly, resulting in fewer carbon footprints.

Today’s cloud solutions are designed to leverage virtual services and strongly support environmental proactivity rather than leveraging physical and hardware products. As a result, it cuts down paper waste and improves overall efficiency.

Tips to Take Advantage of the Cloud and Scale Up Your Business


Investing in cloud technology translates to many benefits, as we stated above. Below are three major ways you can use the cloud to your advantage and grow your construction business for the long term.

  • Free up documentation checkpoints using the cloud system: Like any other business, your company has to handle all types of documents, from internal to external records. It is important to sort all the files and secure confidential data while making them widely accessible within your organization

With cloud-based construction schedule software, you can store documents in a streamlined and centralized online platform. Make use of all the features like vision control, document search, document storage and sharing, and access control.

  • Record transactions accurately: As a construction business, it is important to record and monitor your financial transactions consistently. This is both for legal and operational purposes. When you take advantage of cloud technology, you can focus on balancing your company’s revenue and overall expenses while keeping books up to date.
  • Keep an eye on every aspect of your business: A cloud-based software solution can provide a single and integrated view of your operations and processes. This gives you the control to manage your resources more seamlessly and helps you make informed decisions. To make the most of it, determine first your business requirements, your long-term plans, data volume, and other things. After doing everything, you can integrate everything into the cloud and keep track of them.

There is so much you can do once you already have dedicated cloud technology. Just always make sure to use it to its fullest potential to achieve the desired outcome.


Use the Cloud to Your Advantage and starts with Pro Crew Schedule!


Connecting all of your company resources and assets at intervals is important as ever. So, it means you have to have a solid means of communication, and all devices your organization uses should connect and integrate to other systems you have. Simply put, only with cloud technologies can you achieve a better rate of continuous improvement cycle within your organization.

A great way to start implementing cloud-based solutions is to deploy Pro Crew Schedule.

Pro Crew Schedule is an all-in-one construction dispatching and scheduling software designed to manage every aspect of your business – from your people to your resources and inventory. Pro Crew Schedule is designed with top-tier features that help you connect your project cycle, improving business and project outcomes, from cost and quality to schedules and safety.

Pro Crew Schedule is a top-tier option and is the top choice among industry leaders in the construction market. Take a glimpse of the many benefits you will reap when you choose our software:

  • Eliminate costly delays
  • Streamline and enhance communication
  • Automate workflows to reinforce collaboration among your people
  • Log on anytime, from anywhere
  • Multiple integrations to other applications
  • Tracking and managing construction projects in real-time 
  • Scheduling and inventory features combined

Get started with a 30-day trial for free.

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