Holidays and Events in the Construction Industry to Remember in 2022
Holidays and Events in the Construction Industry to Remember in 2022

Holidays and Events in the Construction Industry to Remember in 2022


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With the New Year coming up in just a few short days, everyone, including the construction businesses, schools, and associations, is making plans for 2022 as we put away our old calendars and bid farewell to 2021. While planning for the coming year, it is helpful to be aware of some of the construction industry’s unique events and regular weekly or monthly campaigns. Often, the construction job feels tedious, laborious, and repetitive. However, these holidays and events can enhance employee engagement, morale and foster rewards and recognition.

In this article, we have gathered a list of the relevant events for 2022. These events honor the committed, hardworking men and women who have helped build our infrastructure and deliver high-quality projects on schedule and budget. Construction, in reality, gives far more to our country than job sites, orange cones, concrete pouring, and traffic jams.

Employee Appreciation Day 2022

March 4, 2022

Employee Appreciation Day is observed annually on the first Friday in March in the United States and Canada. Bob Nelson of the Recognition Professionals International, formerly the National Association for Employee Recognition, established this holiday in 1995.

Employee Appreciation Day is set aside for businesses in all industries to honor their employees for their exceptional work, commitment, and dedication throughout the year. Because good individuals are hard to come by, it is more efficient to use all methods and techniques to improve the staff rather than investing money in training new people. 

When it comes to managing construction, one of the most pressing issues in the present times is labor shortages and site unproductivity. Construction firms rely on their employees’ energy, enthusiasm, and involvement to survive in the twenty-first century. Appreciating your employees and increasing engagement can motivate them to stay committed to the company’s goals and give their best effort.

Women in Construction Week

March 6-12, 2022

Women in Construction Week is celebrated every first whole week of March. It is time to recognize the special activities and contributions women make in this predominantly male industry. The occasion is commemorated to honor women who have taken the risk of entering the construction profession and inspiring young girls to follow in their footsteps.

The National Association of Women in Construction’s history is intertwined with Women in Construction Week. It was started in 1953 by 16 women working in the construction business as Women in Construction of Fort Worth, Texas. Since then, the organization has made it easier for women to enter the construction business by raising awareness and providing better working conditions for those who want to work there. 

Many more women have taken the risk of entering the profession due to the celebration of women in construction and the association’s countless efforts. The negative stigma against women working in construction has dissipated significantly throughout the years. 

Worship of Tools Day

March 11, 2022

On March 11, Worship of Tools Day is celebrated in the United States. The unsung heroes are the tools of any business regardless of industry. There are numerous types of devices, and this day is dedicated to honoring each of them. 

Unfortunately, it is unknown who could be the one to come up with this constructive holiday dedicated to tool worship. Humans could make rudimentary tools like knives out of rocks in the past. The screwdriver dates from the 1400s. However, with the progress of technology, there has been a rise in developing new tools and technology that help make life easier. Construction scheduling software is one example of digital advancement in today’s modern world. 

With the ever-increasing need for tools in homes and businesses, it is only fitting that a day is set aside to honor these objects that play such an important role in our lives.

World Plumbing Day

March 11, 2022

World Plumbing Day is celebrated every March 11 to honor the vital role of plumbing in societal health. After all, our cities and towns are so clean because of plumbing. Due to the unpleasant odor, an area would become uninhabitable, and lethal diseases would spread, potentially ending life if the plumbing system is faulty and inefficient. As a result, these events are held internationally on this day to highlight the need for excellent plumbing and sanitation. The World Plumbing Council is responsible for naming the day, intending to promote the link between good plumbing, good health, environmental sustainability, and, increasingly, economic prosperity. 

World Day for Safety And Health At Work 2022

April 28, 2022

Every day, around 6,500 people die due to work-related accidents or diseases. The human cost of this everyday challenge is enormous, and the construction industry is no exception to this fact. Construction is innately dangerous due to the nature of the work that must be accomplished. Thus, worker safety is a top priority for project management for construction. Construction crews and project managers are frequently exposed to dangerous working conditions, putting them at risk of injury from falls, machinery, and the structure collapses. Everybody has a right to a safe and healthy working environment, and governments, businesses, and employees should proactively make it happen. 

Building Safety Month

May 2022


Building Safety Month is a global campaign in May to promote awareness about the importance of building safety. It strives to raise public awareness about the importance of building codes so that everyone can access the data they may need to keep their homes, offices, and other structures safe. 

In the early 1800s, more American communities began to create building regulations, and in 1865, New Orleans became the first city to implement legislation requiring the inspection of public areas. By 1862, exit requirements had become increasingly significant. Plumbing standards were enacted in 1880, while elevator and hoist regulations were enacted in 1883. Steel frames first appeared in the 1880s, paving the path for large buildings and skyscrapers.

National Skilled Trades Day

May 4, 2022


The first Wednesday in May is designated as National Skilled Trades Day. It was founded by City Machine Technologies in Youngstown, Ohio, in 2019 to increase awareness of the value of the skilled crafts workforce in the United States and recognize skilled trades workers.

The skilled crafts group is in charge of maintaining the country’s integrity. Many companies in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and service industries are looking for highly skilled employees to fill a range of trades. In construction, skilled workers are essential for construction crew management and productivity due to the complex tasks and activities needed to finish the job. As a result, this day commemorates those who work in skilled trades.

National HVAC Tech Day 

June 22, 2022


With summer just getting started, your air conditioners will undoubtedly be running at total capacity to relieve yourself of the scorching heat. That is why, on June 22, we thank our very hardworking repairmen and women who keep us cool in the scorching heat. It is vital to remember how crucial and valuable your local HVAC Tech was when air conditioning was a norm in every home on the block. Furthermore, keep in mind that when an HVAC professional assist you in selecting and maintaining energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, they are also helping you in reducing your carbon footprint. National HVAC Tech Day was founded in 2016 by A.R.S./Rescue Rooter, a national provider of home services, to demonstrate appreciation for all HVAC professionals in the business. 

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

September 1, 2022


Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is honored every year on September 1. The employees in charge of upholding construction and code standards aren’t thanked nearly as much for all of the challenges they face daily. Assessing and approving a structure as code-compliant is a demanding undertaking. Anything that goes unchecked can endanger those who reside in a hazardous building. The Building and Codes department ensures that structures remain stable and unmodified in each case. Their profession needs excellent attention to detail and intensive training because human lives are on the line.

Labor Day

September 5, 2022


Labor Day is usually the first Monday in September; therefore, it might happen between September 1 and September 7. In the United States and Canada, it falls on September 5 for 2022. It is not the situation in most countries, which celebrate on May 1.

To make a living in the late 1800s, at the height of the United States’ Industrial Revolution, the ordinary American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks. Despite certain state prohibitions, young children are forced to work in dangerous mills, hazardous factories, and mines across the country while only earning a part of what their adult counterparts did. People of all ages, especially the impoverished and recent immigrants, typically worked in awful conditions with little access to fresh air or sanitary facilities. On September 5, 1882, 10,000 workers in New York City took time off to march from City Hall to Union Square in the country’s first Labor Day procession.

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