dumper trucks on construction site
dumper trucks on construction site

Construction Trucks: The Leading Popular Brands in 2020 and Its Respective Manufacturers


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Have you wondering about the answers to the questions like “What are the best brands of construction trucks available this time?” or “What are these manufacturing companies offering the best construction vehicles?” In the present time, there are several and popular manufacturers that continuously design, innovate, and produce high-quality and efficient machinery and construction equipment. Most of these manufacturers have endless configuration and alignments for a couple types of applications. 

Whether you avail dump trucks, loaders, trenchers, and many other types of trucks used for construction businesses, there will surely be the best brand and manufacturers fit to your business needs and personal specifications. Manufacturers of such brands and products are highly consistent in building heavy-duty automobiles and trucks which are specifically designed for operating numerous construction tasks relating to earthwork operations. A list of popular brands for construction trucks alongside the manufacturers are cited below:

  1. CAT

This is the popular flagship brand from Caterpillar and considered a valuable brand worldwide. Globally, engines as well as CAT machines are generally recognized as superior-quality and premium products. It is also extremely reliable in terms of functions and load capacity. Through the days, the CAT logo associated with the brand has become a trademark and a household name in the industry gaining much of popularity.

CAT is under Caterpillar, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of natural gas engines, gas turbines, mining and construction equipment, and many more. It offers off-highways, mining trucks, excavators, trenchers and attachments, wheel loaders which are powerfully convenient to use in extreme mines, quarries, and construction sites with extreme harsh conditions. Operators can also count on their haul trucks when it comes to maximum productivity.


The iconic trucking brand as how the industry describes it. This is under the Peterbilt Motors Company, an American manufacturer of both heavy and medium-duty trucks. For 80 long years, Peterbilt has continuously supplied the commercial vehicle market providing and offering the most efficient and reliable products. It proudly manufactures dump truck which specifically comes in a variety of axles and configurations that will surely meet the operator’s needs.

A variety of Peterbilt dump truck models is listed below:

  • Peterbilt 389 – the legendary open highway dump truck best for wrecker and tanker
  • Peterbilt 337 – a medium-duty dump truck which is classified as Class 7 truck
  • Peterbilt 367 – a rugged yet extremely versatile vocational kind of dump truck
  • Peterbilt 567 – consists of a range of both axles and configurations fit for needs
  • Peterbilt 567 – a medium-duty dump truck having a high-performance workhorse
  1. VOLVO

Volvo Trucks is one of the well-known leading engine manufacturers around the globe. This manufacturing company produces a much broader line of vocational type of Class 8 vehicles. Volvo VHD was specifically built with a thousand horses from cast iron under the hoods. The model itself is definitely dependable, powerful, and rugged. Hence, it is what operators use the most to make the things done straight ahead.

Other than the Volvo VHD, 3 other brand models are available as well.

  • VNR 300 cab– will definitely bring refinement within the working environment making it more lightweight. It has amazing cab interiors promoting an organized enclosed area. It keeps the route drivers and operators more comfortable and extra productive.
  • VHD 300 day cab (axle-forward)– an ideal resolution when there’s a demand for bridge-law complaint about wheelbases. This provides a customizable and efficient chassis having power take-off options that last until nine. Additionally, a pre-installed piston is also what it offers to the operators.
  • VHD 300 day cab (axle-back) – this is more preferable to use any job sites that demand much tighter turns. This provides better visibility specifically for panoramic views while working in the construction area. It has a functioning turning radius ideal for dump application

This is under Mack Trucks, Inc., a former manufacturer for trolleybuses and buses. This is a U.S. based manufacturing company founded in 1900. Additionally, Mack Trucks is a subordinate of AB Volvo since 2000. Mark Granite is a dump truck that is efficient in terms of durability and power that has the capacity to handle any job at the construction site. The Granite MHD is preferably configured for lighter duty cycles and better for shorter runs.


When it comes to trenchers, John Deere comes first. Aside from manufacturing high functional trenchers, the associated trenching attachments offer a few incredible options particularly for projects having specific needs. The trenching attachment is capable of holding down its own against the other trenchers. It is an obvious proof of versatility. The product and the manufacturers are a winner!

John Deere is a highly-renowned manufacturer of machines specifically creating and designing several landscaping machines, construction, and forestry machines. It has the same popularity as Caterpillar.


Working professionals in the construction industry certainly know the importance of quality and efficiency when it comes to the trucks they will use and operate. Freightliner dump trucks are one of the best choices they prefer when it comes to construction trucks they prefer to operate. This brand is vigorously tested in order to ensure longevity, efficiency, and quality so that the productivity at the job site will increase consistently. 

Freightliners provides a wide array of dump trucks – medium-to-severe with different specs and sizes. The brand is promising in terms of heavier and complex projects. Two engines are made available for these brands, the Detroit DD8 and DD13 engines having superior visibility of 2,500 square inch windshield. Other than the mentioned products, Freightliner also offers 3 On-Highway Trucks differ in model names: Cascadia, M2 112, and 122SD.


Western Star has offered different models such as Class 8 commercial vehicles ranging both for off-road use and highway. The manufacturing company specialized more in trucks tailored to the specifications of the customers. Every Western Star truck offers numerous sleeper box sizes with distinct lengths for chassis depending upon the models. 

Let’s take a look with some of the standard dump truck models of Western Star:

  • Western Start 4700

The toughest and the most versatile and definitely considered a great value. In any vocational applications, this model can be trusted and can be counted on. What makes it extremely perfect for regional and local hauls is because of its excellent maneuverability and efficiency. 

  • Western Star 6900

A severe duty type of dump truck which is preferably used for the toughest existing jobs. As a tractor, it is capable of pulling loads for over 600,000 pounds on a daily basis. Make it twice powerful by adding in the build options and engine choices. 

  • Western Star 4800

This model offers durability and an incredible higher performance within 109 inches of BBC package. This directly means that the higher performance is easily achieved every now and then, in and out of tighter spots. No matter how tight the site will be, with the use of Western Star trucks, it is easy to build due to its legendary toughness matching with a list of options.


When it comes to MHD Class 8 trucks, Kenworth is the leading manufacturer. This brand is one of the three main truck divisions available under PACCAR, its parent company. Kenworth has made to design and produced a couple of truck models which can be a subject of dump truck conversion. 

The following are the standard Kenworth dump truck models:

  • Kenworth T440 –less strenuous and things are faster to get to and put it all back together. Expect lower repair bills and lesser downtime. Additionally, daily inspections are being simplified with the available all level fluid checks – windshield washer reservoir or oils. This is located at an easy to reach the type of area. It also features the proven reliability of the PACCAR PX engine.
  • Kenworth T800– ergonomically designed and consist of more convenient personal space for drivers and impressive luxury details that one couldn’t imagine for a truck.
  • Kenworth T880– robustly engineered and designed in detail, the T880 is intended for vocational applications including mixer, heavy hauls and dumps applications. The attached engine of it is the PACCAR MX-13 which provides fuel-efficient engine options.

Buying Tips for Construction Trucks

Purchasing any trucks and vehicles used for construction projects cannot be easy. There will be a lot of contemplation going on upon choosing the right one. A few helpful buying tips will make the selection easier and better. Additionally, project management software for construction projects can also be a subject to buy since it is also a helpful tool. But eventually, to move further, ensure that the truck will conveniently fit to the company’s needs, and the budget is set already. Eliminate the idea of selection as a daunting task because it isn’t perceived as that if the following are considered:

  • Your project’s needs
  • If attachments are necessary?
  • How operators use the trucks in the future
  • The settled budget, including the attachments and machines
  • Sizing of the truck and load capacity 

Once you finalize your answers and evaluate what you specifically need for your business, visit a dealer. The dealer will be the one who will examine the trucks or any of the construction equipment. Many purchasers used to believe that newly purchased products are error-free and completely out of any mechanical issues. However, a thorough inspection isn’t a bad idea at all. Hence, make sure to take a complete and closer look at these chosen trucks and all its functioning parts. The following portions are to be examined:

  1. Cab

The setup of where operators sit normally impacts productivity. The controls must be easy to reach and the seats should be extra comfortable. A cab that is well-constructed will make the workers and working operators even more productive.

  1. Engines

Choose the correct size of the engine. Start the truck firsthand and check for any issues as well. It is advisable to check the machines reversely in order to completely check each gear. There shouldn’t be an existing weird and odd sound. Project Managers used to check and monitor everything particularly the operators of such trucks. The use of subcontractor scheduling software is a really huge help for monitoring.

  1. Tracks and Tires

Get a meticulous and closer look at the treads. Look for any cracks or other damages from the tires. You also have to make sure that the products are not mishandled.

Key Takeaways

Anyone who has plans of buying construction trucks has several options offered to them. There’s Volvo, Freightliners, you name it. The manufacturing companies still continue to be innovative in the line of their business. Most importantly, whether your goal is to purchase a brand new truck or needing replacements, weighing carefully your decisions upon purchasing is extremely crucial. Even in terms of buying a software tool such as construction project management software, careful decision-making is also put into considerations.

More than anything, it is basically an essential factor to evaluate all your needs and specifications before deciding to purchase a construction vehicle. It is also important to note that once you finally have the trucks and other equipment, it is crucial to take care of it. Hence, regular and proper maintenance for all construction vehicles is also extremely necessary.

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