July 4th
July 4th

Celebrating Independence Day with your Construction Crew


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Independence Day is generally one of many important events and biggest holidays for Americans. July 4, 1776, is a historical day for all Americans as the Second Continental Congress has proclaimed freedom from British rule. Every American is celebrating every now and then when the 4th of July kicks each year. Thus, there is no reason why this important historical event shouldn’t be celebrated even in the workplace. Construction companies together with the employees have many ways to celebrate this very important event despite the business and loads of works they faced every single time.

4th of July has been associated with the public display of patriotism, fiery fireworks, and jubilant celebrations. Moreover, all Independence Day celebrants including the ones who work in construction sites in particular can definitely spend quality time with one another honoring the very special day. It is likewise beneficial if the celebrants will dedicate the holiday toward personal reflection, physical activities, and volunteerism. 

Here’s a couple of smart and creative ways in celebrating the Fourth of July at the workplace:

Before anything else, a particular question is often asked by many and this is about who will organize the event itself. Project managers can be extra considerate in this matter. After all, acting as an event organizer even just for a day doesn’t make them less than a project manager themselves. Organizing an event is just like managing a construction project. This type of project is often being executed with the application of advanced tools such as construction management software the same way as how events are managed and decorated with props. Ultimately, what particularly needs to be required in this area is to be creative and hands-on just same professional way how they are hands-on with projects.

  1. Host a parade

For sure, the construction site has a bigger and larger space. Hosting a parade is a good idea but make sure it will only be done within the area. This ceremony should be solemn and for sure a perfect moment to reflect the real meaning of the day and take time to honor veterans. It is also a harmonious time to read the Declaration of Independence altogether and discuss what does it really means to stand up for solid principles.

Furthermore, for first-timers who will host a parade, they can assume that this was like managing a project and a crew but in many different and creative ways. Using props for the parade is like using also the necessary construction tools. Take the project management software as an example. This software tool is preferably chosen to be used for construction project management purposes.

  1. Themed Apparels

Red, Blue, and White – the major colors that symbolize Independence Day. While it is not advised to wear something formal for that day because of the usual work of the construction crew, project managers can suggest and think of something else. Handkerchiefs having the colors of red, blue, and white in combination can be used. They can altogether place it at their arm. Using the same colored garment will make them all uniformed. Additionally, company t-shirts are also a good option to use and designs must be in line with the celebrated event.

  1. Decorative Themes for Office

The office can be the subject of a makeover during that very special day. Project managers can be asked anybody to help them set up decorative items. There could be balloons, U.S.A mini flags, and other colored decorations. A large banner can be used for the event as well and can make it even more pleasing. There should be a caption of Happy Independence Day that is effectively used to welcome and greet all coming crew and clients. 

  1. Innovative Food Ideas

Make the event memorable for everyone since the historical day itself is memorable. Prepare for red, white, and blue themed food items and platters. Icing cakes having the three different colors as well as the muffins and other pastries are definitely an excellent choice of food items. For sure, there are a lot of pastry shops that serve these different pastries. Contact a local pastry shop near at the workplace.  

A lunch buffet is also one of many great choices. A buffet is usually the go-to food choice in any event because it offers different sets and platters of foods. Above all, everyone can able to enjoy the food without limitation since there are so many choices of foods and pastries.

  1. A “Share-Your-Life-Experience” show

Sharing a bit of life experience is not a bad idea at all. A particular segment from the event can be meant for the “share-your-life-experience”. Encourage the entire crew to write down their own personal experience when it comes to independence. Let them also describe what freedom truly means to their lives. Prepare for a whiteboard and a marker, each employee must write something and share it to the rest of everybody. They could share their personal favorite quotes, a message for everyone or even artworks if there’s any. It is only up to them for as long as it commemorates the event. 

  1. Trivia Games

What is a celebration without games? Games are definitely part of the event. A patriotic trivia game is extremely fun and will make everybody fully interested. The games can also be a way of engaging workers who do not usually interact with one another. The trivia must be about the history of America or anything that relates to July 4th. Make sure to prepare these questions and the corresponding prizes.

Reflection Questions and Action Items 

For project managers, there are many things they can absolutely do on this very special day. It can be an opportunity for them to get more open to employees with anything related to work. Since the patriotic holiday is all about independence, why not consider the question: 

“How much of freedom is being present in there to celebrate in the workplace?”

With this question being asked, it is easy to see and discover what distinct role, independence, has in terms of employee motivation.

Researchers have measured the impact money had on the worker’s performance. Interestingly, there is a huge difference. Consider the 3 top motivators: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. 

  • Autonomy – the first factor and has focused more on the freedom to willingly act solely and independently. Thus, employees have given this liberating freedom to work on a project or any opportunities of their interest. This in result has added greater value to their company through client focus and innovation as usual. 
  • Mastery –this is clearly about the opportunity to be really better at something. 
  • Purpose– the last factor and is about the deeper connection towards the big picture.

A true leader sincerely shows concern towards the team and coworkers. Project managers have to keep reminding themselves about this matter and that one of their biggest responsibility is to continuously remind the coworkers about their real purpose – how their work and performance impact the clients and the project’s success. This is just one of many things project managers have to continuously maintain because apart from that they too are particular with the deployment of advanced software tools. A construction schedule software, for example, is proven to be very useful in terms of scheduling and monitoring tasks. 

Reflection Questions:

  1. Does the company purposely create an equal opportunity for all employees to have the freedom to think accordingly and outside the box? Or perhaps everyone and everything is over-controlled?
  2. Are you giving all workers the opportunity to fully develop mastery through training, challenges and coaching?
  3. Are you, by any chance, practicing favoritism? And are you totally unaware of it?
  4. Have you used the advanced software tools such as subcontractor scheduling software the right and fair way in terms of distributing/assigning tasks?
  5. How could you reward the workers through giving them free time to be a part and work on a project of interest? 
  6. Do you keep emphasizing the purpose of why the company or the department exists?
  7. Do you properly implement strategies such as construction crew management to the workers?

Action Items:

  1. Keep reminding the entire team about the greater purpose in doing the work and serving clients as well as helping the company succeed
  2. As a project manager, see how you can able to create space and time for all the workers in order to have the freedom to be skillful and creative
  3. Stay committed to the work itself and always find ways to be better in many aspects as a leader and as a worker at the same time
  4. What the crew needs are guidance and assurance in anything they do. Keep in mind that as a leader you have to provide assurance towards them
  5. Be more considerate if there’s reason to be more considerate

Key Takeaways

In honoring America’s birthday, celebrate it in very smart and professional ways even at the work and make sure it wasn’t compromising anything. Never miss the chance of celebrating it with one another. This historic occasion should be celebrated with a lot of fireworks, foods, together with family and coworkers. Everyone must make the most of this once in a year historic celebration.

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