Best GPS Tracking Systems for Construction Business in 2021
Best GPS Tracking Systems for Construction Business in 2021

Best GPS Tracking Systems for Construction Business in 2021


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For years, GPS technology has made great improvements when it comes to functionality and features. While basic tracking still exists in most industries like construction, having the latest ones are gearing toward giving the construction crew management the best asset management solutions and multi-dimensional fleet.

When managing construction projects, you must track your assets, equipment, and team to ensure efficiency, cost control, and better project task management and productivity. That said, investing in a GPS tracker for your asset and equipment will help you protect your heavy-duty machinery; thus, making it a worthwhile investment.

Perhaps, you’ve been thinking about having proper visibility of your asset in your construction site. So, in this blog, we will discuss some of the best GPS tracker devices you might want to consider. As part of project task management, these GPS trackers provide tracking solutions for fleet and construction equipment.

Understanding Asset Tracking for Construction


GPS Asset Tracking will let you know precisely where your heavy-duty machinery is. When you’re managing construction, you must be 100% confident and sure that your machinery and equipment are always in the right place, before and after the construction crew management will use it.

It’s a tracking device placed in equipment that will allow you to track your equipment’s location in real-time. It works when it’s placed or fitted somewhere in equipment and connects to an app on a phone or tablet through an internet connection or cellular network.

When you manage construction projects, it helps construction managers monitor the status and operation and track the usage of the engine to help with preventive maintenance. In other words, installing a GPS tracker enables you to manage construction to protect the equipment from theft. You will know and get notified or receive alerts when anyone tries to steal it or if there is unauthorized use.

GPS tracking, as part of project management for construction, is indeed an investment. And what will it do for you? First, it will give you a whole lot of time to get back a significant amount of money. So, GPS tracking truly is a no-brainer.

Highly Recommended Asset GPS Trackers


GPS tracking technology nowadays has become versatile, easy to use, and more affordable. However, in managing construction, monitoring asset use and equipment security are important. Thus, the Pro Crew Schedule does extensive research about the best trackers uses for construction. Check out these trackers you might want to consider.

1. Teltonika 

Teltonika is known In the GPS tracking business for more than 18 years already. It offers a huge number of products to cater to, including equipment and machinery for construction. Telnotika also caters to new hardware destined to customize solutions. And since Telnotika is such a reliable GPS tracker brand, it has an extended manufacturing capacity to produce other electronics firms.

As a result, many construction companies use Telnotika as it helps in security solutions and fleet management. Whatever you may be looking for, Telnotika always gets the job done right. That’s why it helps many construction crew managements in monitoring very important things on a construction site.

2. Asset Panda 

Asset Panda is known for its next-level customer service. This GPS tracking system always ticks all the exact boxes the right way. In addition, it has a free mobile app, and there will be no limit on the number of users; that’s why it’s excellent for different sizes of the workforce.

In addition, you may also integrate the asset tracking system for construction with different apps like Zen Desk and G Suite. It is also making a great deal for those who want future-proof systems and CRM systems.

3. Ruptela 

Ruptela is also well-known worldwide because of its quality. It comes with a GPS tracker for light and heavy vehicles and some other machinery used for construction. In addition, it can handle digital tachograph data and CANbus, which work on 3G and 2G networks. Ruptela also has trackers that are plug-and-play that connects directly to the socket of the vehicle.

When it comes to fleet management and managing construction, the Ruptela GPS tracker is also popular because it allows advanced fuel monitoring and improves the business. It also helps project task management for construction companies save time and money.

4. CloudHawk

We all know not all construction projects and sites are located in the center of the city. Managing construction in the middle of nowhere, where the signal is weak, is quite hard. Lucky for you, there is CloudHawk’s GPS tracker technology that is always up to the challenge.

More so, it’s going to be easy to install it yourself and smart enough to know when to decrease data transmission. It’s also made waterproof to be placed on any external surface of machinery and vehicles used for construction, even in the dullest environments.

Though CloudHawk is just a small company, it’s always guaranteed that the GPS tracker is reliable for your construction company. When you have their GPS tracker, you will know that your assets are always in safe hands.

5. Tenna 

Tenna is known for its cool gadgets. However, the one that most construction managers should be long for is their TennaGo Tracker. It’s a durable and flexible tracker that is easy to install and long-lasting, making it perfect when managing construction projects.

The GPS tracking device works by connecting it to a cellular network. It tracks engine hours as well. That’s why it got pretty good ratings worldwide, most especially in construction companies. Tenna is a reliable brand for better asset tracking in construction with its smart GPS software and great tracking solutions.

6. Verizon Connect 

Verizon’s GPS technology is not just about tracking your machinery. It’s also about knowing information like vibration levels, temperature change, and door movement. And if you know about geofencing, Verizon Connect casts a perimeter virtually around the construction site and sends an alert when the vehicle crosses it.

It gives emergency services and a heads up if someone tries to steal your equipment. More so, the company is determined to develop the latest advanced technology within the asset tracking segment. That said, many users claim that Verizon’s software is very easy to use, making users get along with it in a short time.

Why Should Construction Companies Invest in GPS Tracking Device?


In project management for construction nowadays, it’s always better to be prepared and secure assets before it’s too late. There are plenty of good reasons why construction managers should invest in GPS trackers, and these are: 

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost 

Though construction companies must allocate a budget for a GPS tracking system, did you know that you can save from it? In addition, you will get an alert through a GPS tracking system when machinery and other assets are due for maintenance. 

If vehicles or other assets used for construction are not serviced or repaired regularly, you’ll end up getting low productivity. Possible fatalities and injuries may also happen; worst, it could damage the construction company’s reputation, leading to significant turnover rates. So, with a GPS tracking system, you can always prevent time-stealing breakdowns. 

  • Minimize Fuel Consumption 

Usually, fuel consumption in a construction site can be up to forty-five percent of the fleet’s operational cost. With asset and fleet tracking systems in place, fuel consumption would be reduced. 

It helps in improving and managing the construction vehicle and idling times of the equipment. As a result, it reduces idling times, and it will not only minimize the fuel cost; it also prevents wear and tear on machines. 

  • Prevents Misuse of Construction Vehicles and Equipment

There are times that employees would use construction machinery and vehicles for personal reasons. Well, this practice increases the exposure of construction companies to liabilities. 

It may lead to higher insurance premiums, most especially when accidents happen. Should a personal use be against the company’s policy, a GPS tracker device will notify the management when misuse of equipment is happening. 

  • Gives a Total Control of Assets 

Lastly, facility and machinery monitoring helps construction companies keep track of their assets. With real-time information about where the vehicles are, you can reduce travel times and distance and effectively manage the construction vehicle’s trips. In addition, if you know where the machinery is and know who is using it currently, it will help you minimize theft. 

Key Takeaway 


Construction companies always depend on the use of heavy equipment for better productivity. But, when you’re managing construction, you can’t afford to experience delays that can cause a massive headache to the management. With the best GPS tracking device, it would help your construction company use high-value assets and improve its security. 

I hope the best GPS tracker system for construction mentioned in this blog helped you decide which one works for you. All of these tracking systems serve their purpose: to monitor the assets and maximize their visibility. You only have to attach the device to your equipment, and there you will see that you’ve made an intelligent decision. 

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