Hvac Tech working on a condensing unit
Hvac Tech working on a condensing unit

Basic and Advanced HVAC tools that you should know


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Whether for servicing HVAC or installing a new heating and air conditioning systems for both commercial and residential clients, the entire process definitely requires a skilled workforce. Thus, what these clients need the most are the HVAC technicians. These experts must have convenient and complete access to the right HVAC tools and equipment to be able to successfully finish the job. Aside from the handy tools, they have been using every now and then, software tool such as construction management software is also preferably utilized by these skilled HVAC professionals and remains on the top list.

Most of the time, companies require HVAC techs to bring in several tools they owned and used them for the job. However, there are still a few companies and clients that provide some sets of equipment necessary to complete the complex larger-ticket items.

To get further, below is a list of HVAC basic and advanced tools that service technicians essentially need this 2020 in order to efficiently achieve better professional customer experience. We are catering also the most recognized brands for all listed HVAC items. 

Why Use HVAC Contractor Software?

Before getting into the list of HVAC tools, let’s dive in first with the HVAC contractor software and why it is essential. With several innovations these days, the HVAC industry has been influenced by these emerging business-changing technologies particularly this software tool. Construction scheduling software, for example has been embraced now with many construction businesses. This software tool automates the business, in this case, it was for HVAC services for overall efficiency. Communications and productivity are greatly enhanced and thus, the involved crew with the way they communicate and collaborate with one another has been improved because of this tool. There are several outstanding HVAC contractor software available today in the market. Pro Crew Schedule is one of the great choices. A live demo is free. Request now.

The Basic and Essential HVAC tools


  1. Screw Drivers

This tool is the most basic item yet a very necessary HVAC tool. This is always present in the toolbox to be readily prepared for any size screw. There are many suggestions when it comes to this item of whether what is best to use. It is advisable and much better to have the multipurpose screwdriver and make sure it will have the Philips-head bit alongside flathead sizes No.1 and 2 with it.

Below are the most preferred brands for Screw Drivers:

  • GearWrench – the GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set and has a dual material handle that is made for comfort and better performance. Another advantage of this item is being solvent and oil resistant.
  • Craftsman – the Craftsman Extreme Grip 6-Piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver set is designed to provide a much better grip and fit together with a fastener. Thus, making tightening and loosening even easier and faster.
  • Dewalt – the Dewalt 10-Piece Screwdriver set has been proven as ergonomically designed and are slip-resistant.
  1. Hammer

For various uses in the jobs, every HVAC technician must be equipped with a standard-size hammer. Typically, the best suggestions go to owning a lightweight hammer that has an easy grip. Fiberglass construction for these items can also be suggested for durability and convenience. To remember every piece of items being used, one must take note about the whereabouts of such items. For HVAC contractors, the use of subcontractor scheduling software is such a big help. Listing of all tools, assigning both tasks and tools to any respective crew is how things work upon using such software. No missing item will be reported for sure. Thus, no conflicts within the team.

Below are the most preferred brands for Hammer:

  • ABC Hammers – proudly made in the USA manufactured by ABC Hammers Inc. This company has been setting quality standards for more than 50 years already. It already has its own trademark in the industry.
  • Dalluge Hammers – even before picking this tool brand, one can absolutely see the high-quality it possesses. From its high-polished solid head to the varnished hickory handle, it oozes with attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  • Douglas Hammer – from Douglas Tool and this brand is definitely committed in providing the maximum utility and highest-quality wood-handled hammers.
  1. Wrenches

The list will never be complete for HVAC tools without a variety of wrenches. Make sure to have these items from adjusted and fixed to crescent and pipe wrenches. Be equipped with all sorts of sizes: small, medium, and large ones in order to conveniently handle any work.

Below are the most preferred brands for Wrenches:

  • Armstrong– the Armstrong 3-Piece Chrome Adjustable Wrench Set is comprised with adjustable wrenches that are an absolute must-have. This brand has a sheer quality of wrenches which is quite impressive. These 3 different wrenches is made from high-alloy steel.
  • Williams 4 Piece Double Head Flare Nut Wrench Set – flare wrenches are certainly useful for brake fittings or any other sensitive fasteners that usually have mild obstructions. This brand stands out when it comes to performance and quality.
  • Proto – the Proto 14-Piece Combination Wrench set is a must-have. Get your very first wrench collection starting with a tough set of Proto 14-piece wrenches. The set has included typical fractional sizes for the items just for convenience.
  1. Gauges

Refrigeration gauges are absolutely a must-have tool for any HVAC service techs in terms of air conditioning tools. These skilled technicians are specifically using gauges to precisely identify pressures for any type of refrigerants. More than that, they also used gauges to determine if there’s any leak present in the system.

Below are the most preferred brands for Gauges:

  • Testo – the Testo 550 Digital Gauge is considered as one of the best HVAC gauges used today. It has Bluetooth connectivity that can be easily and quickly connected to the smartphone, a state of the art device.
  • Fieldpiece – the Fieldpiece SMAN 360 is the particular gauge that has incredibly many benefits and it includes calculation of Subcooling and overheating.
  1. Staple Gun

Always keep a staple gun to your HVAC toolbox for this type of item is importantly used for securing joists and foil lines in order to increase airflow as well as appropriately assembling ductwork.

Below are the most preferred brands for Staple Gun:

  • Rapid – this Rapid 20511550 R34 Stapling Gun is equipped with a 3-step squeezing force adjustment framework in order to reduce fatigue.
  • Bostitch – the Bostitch T6-8 Staple Gun is a branded tool features an efficient way of using a squeeze mechanism and provides also a lightweight aluminum design.
  • Arrow Fastener – introducing the Arrow Fastener T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun from Arrow Fastener. This is an iconic model that showcases all chromed steel housing as well as jam-resistant mechanism.
  1. Extension Cords

When working onsite, HVAC techs have to be equipped with extension cords in order to properly plug-in electric tools. Purchasing the cords require the HVAC tech to consider the thick and long types but not too much of bulkiness. The suggested measurement for the extension cords is at least 50 feet in length.

Below are the most preferred brands for Extension Cords:

  • US Wire – U.S. Wire 74050 is a heavy-duty extension cord yet has a lighted plug. Overall, this is one of the most preferred cords used by all HVAC technicians.
  • GoGreen- – featuring the GoGreen-Power-GG-13750 and this is another type of extension cord that is 50-foot long yet not as heavy as US Wire.
  • AmazonBasics 16/3 – a 100-feet long vinyl outdoor extension cord. What is best in this cord is that it has a 3-prong connector for grounding.

The Advanced HVAC and Air Conditioning Tools


The following HVAC tools fall into this particular category because of being more advanced and expensive but nevertheless, extremely important. Most HVAC companies typically offer these advanced tools to be used to further help keeping all HVAC equipment in good working order. By using also a construction schedule software, the tools, and not just the project/service can be monitored and scheduled accordingly. Thus, every HVAC tech from the team can be informed of whoever has the tool and currently using it. This results in a better exchange of information and updates between the crew involved. This crew schedule tool is incredibly useful.

  1. Thermometers

What matters the most and always considered in the HVAC industry has always been temperature control. That is why, it is advisable to invest in a digital thermometer. Make sure that this tool is portable, reliably effective, and long-lasting in order to follow the state’s regulations and to efficiently deliver amazing and satisfying customer service.

Below are the most preferred brands for thermometers:

  • UEi (Universal Electronics) – UEi Test Instruments PDT650 – designed with a folding probe that enables the HVAC tech to keep it safe in the pocket
  • Fieldpiece – the Fieldpiece SPK2 is specifically designed to measure air temperature usually in the air ducts and it also quickly calculates T1 and T2
  1. Sawzall

HVAC contractors typically consider using a reciprocating saw blade and one of which is the Sawzall. This type of saw is considered as the best saw when it comes to cutting materials in most HVAC jobs. The durability is extremely crucial for this and the Sawzall itself has been capable to stand the test of time.

Below are the most preferred brands for Saw/ Sawzall:

  • Milwaukee– the Milwaukee 6538-21 is a super reciprocating saw that is originally manufactured in US. This particular model of Sawzall is capable of reducing vibrations and very handy to use.
  • Makita – the Makita JR3070CT is a corded Sawzall and the most amazing thing about this is that it never needs some batteries. It is self-sufficient and a very powerful saw.
  1. Pumps

HVAC vacuum pumps have to be specifically extra powerful in order to remove any moisture and excessive ones from the lines.

Below are the most preferred brands for Pumps:

  • Goodman – the Goodman GSZC18 comes from a prominent manufacturing company in the HVAC industry known as Goodman. These pumps provide better energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions.
  • Carrier – is considered as the top brand known also in the HVAC industry. It provides versatile cooling and heating solutions as well.
  1. Leak Detector

Leak Detectors are all the way being preferably used by the HVAC service techs in order to confirm areas with moisture. With the use of this type of detector, identifying the main source of the leak is easy.

Below are the most preferred brands for Leak Detector:

  • Robinair – the Robinair TIFXL-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector has a high sampling frequency that ensures fastest leak detection
  • Elitech – The Elitech CLD- 100 is certainly has the most efficient design that can offer the fastest response in no more than 3 seconds
  1. Caulking Gun

This has to be dripless or else it doesn’t allow to properly seal air ducts. This tool is intended for filling holes in some areas.

Below are the most preferred brands for Caulking Gun:

  • Makita – the Makita LXT is a battery-powered gun that will save someone from tons of energy and time. This is a very high-performance tool that offers a forceful and faster dispensing mechanism.
  • Newborn – the Newborn 250 Super is a tool that is heavy-duty type and better use for deploying either asphalt or any adhesives so smooth and evenly.

Key Takeaways

HVAC technicians, by default, need a lot more tools than it actually seems. The recommended ones and are easily suggested are the primary tools for the job. However, at the end of the day, it is the specialty or advanced tools that really become the most essential in the long run. The rise of software tools as well such as project management software has been recognized also in the industry. Companies that provide HVAC services or any independent HVAC contractor who do the same thing, must know how crucial for them to be fully equipped with the best and latest tools and equipment. Having all the tools mentioned above and considering the product brands is definitely one sure step in making a name in the industry.

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