8 Tips to Prep Your Construction Business This Cyber Monday 2022
8 Tips to Prep Your Construction Business This Cyber Monday 2022

8 Tips to Prep Your Construction Business This Cyber Monday 2022


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Tis, the season for holiday shopping and the busiest time of the year, is almost here. People will go crazy over sales and dropping prices this Cyber Monday. So, you better prep well your construction business online. But for sure, you have already heard what they say that events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only for B2C businesses. Now, stop believing that because B2B companies like your construction firm can also profit from these events.  

In this blog post, we will share the best tips on how to prepare your B2B construction business this upcoming crazy Cyber Monday season! 

1. Give the gift of content

Many people look for the best Cyber Monday deals, and what is better than receiving something valuable for free, right? Take advantage of the Cyber Monday event to give your current clients and target prospects great content that helps them solve the most common business issues they currently face, or share some tips on how to hit their business goals. You can:

  • Share this content via social media.
  • Send the content via email to your target prospects and current clients
  • Add pop-ups on your construction website to promote the content on and during Cyber Monday
  • Create a video to share and promote this free content

Additional Tip: You may put the free content you will offer behind a form, and this is to capture the important information of your prospects effectively. Also, ensure the form is concise because the longer the form, the less likely your prospects will download the free content you are about to offer.

2. Use Cyber Monday as an end-of-the-year urgency

Most of your target prospects, business owners, have already figured out how they will spend the holiday budget on this year’s biggest Cyber Monday holiday. Make sure to drive these prospects to visit your website and check out your offers. You can opt for messaging that resonates best with them, especially about their year-end urgency.

You can also connect with other business clients who previously purchased from you around this season last year. Whatever you did last year, level them up and define the benefits of your construction services and the products you offer.

3. Provide discounts

People online shopping this Cyber Monday are already in their buying mindset. S, use that to your advantage! If you are struggling with your target prospects who keep picking tires, you may need an influx of sales, or you can provide online discounts to boost your revenue.

If you do not want to offer discounts, you can opt for other ways to make the sale easier for your online business shoppers, such as:

  • Provide free training on product
  • Sharing exclusive details and content right after a purchase
  • Provide access to additional services and products with one product purchase

4. Use tailored messaging

Most B2B companies have marketing and sales tools that help them track the activities of their customers and prospects. If you have a set of these tools and a skilled team, use the data to your greatest advantage. If a segment of your target leads looked at a certain page of your website, send them relevant, tailored details via email during the Cyber Monday season. Make sure the details you send should be relevant to their inquiries and can solve whatever pain points they have.

In the same way, you may have specific buyer personas and a group of people in a particular role who also face the same business issues. So, tailor your message this Cyber Monday to this audience and offer them your discounted services and products.

5. Offer Bundle of Products and Services

Now, let’s talk about the services and products you may offer now this season of Cyber Monday. If both go hand in hand, why not offer a 2 for 1 special bundle of your construction services and products? Let’s say your construction company offers your clients expert advice, consultation, construction management, design-build, general contracting, integrated project delivery services, and more. 

You can pick from these options and create a special 2-in-1 bundle offer. You may choose professional consultation and project management for this two-in-one special offer.

6. Offer Exclusivity

Offer your customers a limited time or offers that increase the need for faster actions. One big reason why Cyber Monday is so popular is due to having flash sales on particular items and services that are in high demand. This gives the customers little time to decide whether to avail of the promo; instead, they grab the deal instantly.

So, make sure to offer limited promos like us!

In the upcoming Cyber Monday season, we offer a limited promo for up to 30% of our very owned top construction project software – Pro Crew Schedule. Make sure to grab it before the promo period ends.

7. Ramp Up Your Customer Service Team

Bigger sales mean increased consumer interest. And as a result, it is more likely that your customer service team will be dealing with a large number of inquiries from prospects during Cyber Monday. So, we suggest you prepare meticulously.

Two things must be in order first. One, it is crucial to make sure you have your customer service prepared that is ready for this upcoming seasonal surge. Second, ensure your customer service reps are well-trained and skilled in every last detail of this promotion so they can completely and quickly answer any questions thrown by prospective clients.

8. Announce a New List of Your Future Construction Services/Products

 What better time to launch a new service or product this Cyber Monday? Launching a new product or service in your industry is always challenging, so we suggest you take advantage of this Cyber Monday season. Due to this season’s peak, announcing a launch allows you to promote and build awareness. So, expect your target prospects will have a growing interest in your new offers and may consider purchasing it around this Cyber Monday!

We hope this blog has made you consider participating in this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze! While there can be limitations in B2B industries, sale events like this should be considered but must be taken advantage of. Always create the best strategy to reach your target prospects and communicate consistently to your teams. 

But how can you communicate effectively with your people? Simple, deploy the best construction software! Read below and discover the promo we offer – awaiting for you this Cyber Monday!


Top-tier Construction Management Software for Subcontractors is Up for Promo!


As we take part in this Cyber Monday sale, we offer a promo to our dear customers with none other than our latest and top-notch construction scheduling tool – Pro Crew Schedule.

Pro Crew Schedule is a premium construction management and task management tool designed mainly for construction professionals and built for every project. This advanced software manages your construction projects from the ground up and integrates seamlessly between office and field. It allows you to keep an eye on every aspect of your project, anytime at any given place.

Key Features:


  • Construction Scheduling: Schedule your crew and their respective tasks seamlessly using this software. You can track changes and progress and easily see the assigned people in the projects.
  • Advanced Tracking: It has advanced tracking features that help you monitor your time, crew members, budget, and other project expenses.
  • Mobile App Accessibility: This software for construction is available in a mobile app, and you can use it in multiple locations.
  • Cloud Storage and Access: You can access your project updates anytime and anywhere via cloud storage.
  • Real-time updates: You can update any real-time changes and observe the progress of tasks in the field and office. This construction tech alerts all relevant parties involved of all the changes made in your projects.
  • Real-time Communication and Collaboration: All crew members will collaborate more consistently, especially with stakeholders and other third parties involved.
  • User-friendly: Your older construction workforce will not get worried about using Pro Crew Schedule, for it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate Pro Crew Schedule into your existing software (Gmail, Google Sheets, etc.) It incorporates to over 3000 integrations. 

Pro Crew Schedule is proven to be beneficial in construction firms. It helps in planning, collaborating, scheduling, and managing all aspects of your project and construction business. Up to 70% of your team’s efficiency will improve as it offers complete transparency into the projects and enhanced safety time.

So, what are you waiting for? The countdown is on! Take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo with our discounted deals of up to 30% off. Use the Promo Code: ThankYou30.

Note: Our promo deals are only available until Wednesday, November 30, 2022. So, make sure to grab yours now.

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