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More and more milliennials and members of the Gen Z group are securing work early in their lives. Most of them would apply as apprentices or assistants until they finally complete their requirements to become fully qualified to take on higher positions. Now, what does this mean to the construction industry?

With more people being employed each year, many companies are looking to expand their offices. The increase in office market demands now requires additional buildings to be erected to accommodate the top 3 office-renting industries in the United States, namely, the technology industry, finance, and insurance industry, and coworking industry.

This only means that starting a construction company and taking your first civil engineering projects this year 2020 is the right thing to do. But how would a startup compete with the top construction companies in the U.S.?

Well, it’s easy as knowing their secrets and coming up with better strategies than theirs.

How the Top Construction Companies Succeeded

There are so many building construction companies in America and each one aims to become as successful as the top construction companies in the land. But with the clients putting their trust only on these established firms, how could a first-time contractor ever compete with them?

This is a question often asked by startup companies trying to score their first infrastructure projects. Even those who have already been in the competition for years would ask, “How do these construction companies make more money than us when we do similar work?”

Well, there’s always something that gives a company an edge over its competitors. And today, we’re going to take a brief look at some of their secrets on how they get an overflowing request of civil engineering projects and what they do to achieve a successful finish.

1.They Know What They Want 

Remember, in our lean construction blog, we mentioned that to deliver a successful project, you need to know what your clients want? Well, they find success in their business by finding out what they want. Like identifying what your client wants out of the project, you too should identify what you want to achieve from starting a construction business.

Do you want to earn tons of money quickly? Then invest in technologies like BIM, construction project management software, robotics, etc., to make the operation faster.

Do you want to achieve efficiency while earning money? Then apply the lean construction principles in your firm.

Do you want to get projects from repeat clients? Do you want to be a well-known sustainable building contractor? Do you want to focus only on buildings?

Identifying what you really want will help you come up with the standard processes you and your whole team will need to follow in every project you take. So having a goal is the first important step to become one of the successful construction companies known in the country.

2.They Plan Their Work

Goals are meant to be achieved and to do that, you’ll need to plan on the processes on how to achieve them. But you need to make sure that your planning method is efficient. A common strategy of the most successful contractors and construction subcontractors is using a construction planning software that can assist them in strategizing, planning, and scheduling of all the tasks that need to be done to complete a project.

This may sound simple but a single construction project has so many phases and it involves so many works from so many teams. If you rely on the old school pen and paper style of planning, it will be all confusing. But with construction software like Pro Crew Schedule that uses analytics, planning can be done so much easier than before and more efficiently.

3.They Know Who to Hire

Your crew members take are the ones who will carry out your plans so you should have a keen eye for talents. But since there is a shortage in the labor force in the construction industry, it is okay to hire first time workers. However, you need to gauge their ability to learn as construction is such a fast-paced industry and you don’t want to get left behind by your competitors. It is okay to put on a little time and effort into your recruitment because the reward will be a team that will really help you achieve your business goals.

The same goes for hiring subcontractors. Let several subcontractors go on bidding and together with your project manager, engineers, designers, and other key players in your team, decide on who can best provide the specialized service you are looking for.

4.They Know How To Retain Good Workers

It’s not enough to find the right people who can work with you. You should also know how to make the good ones stay. It is actually difficult to find a good worker who will stay loyal to you. Like we mentioned a lot of times, there is a shortage in the labor force and if you found someone good, you should find ways on how to retain them. Otherwise, they can go to another industry where they can work more comfortably.

We gave suggestions on how you can motivate your crew members because by motivating them, you are not just making your business profitable but are also making them stay. Recognizing their good works or accomplishments and rewarding them are some ways on how you can retain your good talents. Keeping the workplace safe is another. Giving them the right salary and benefits is also a huge reason for them to stick with you.

5.They Know How to Delight Their Clients

The top construction companies are at the top, obviously, because their clients are fully satisfied with their output. They go above and beyond the requirements of a bid or a contract to fix problems and to satisfy clients. These companies know how to turn their customers into stark raving fans who’d always get their projects done only by them and this is what makes them great. The benefit of delighting your clients is that when they feel like they can only entrust their multi-million projects with you, they stop bidding out the work and will contact you directly.

6.They Use Revolutionary Strategies

By revolutionary, you already know what we mean. Successful construction firms are able to succeed because they know how to embrace changes in the industry, including streamlining of technology to improve their team’s work quality and productivity rate.  It also goes a long way in eliminating many of the consistency issues that businesses suffer from. Remember, you can only get to your goal if you have a solid business strategy and plan to guide you on your way there.

7.They Keep Detailed Records

To be successful, you should also be able to avoid hassles like lawsuits and disputes. Detailed records can help you avoid litigations and issues between you and your client or you and your team, and hence helping you build up your credibility. It is important to keep daily records too so you can keep track of everything and easily pick up the challenges that need to be addressed from these records and thus formulate strategies that work best for the venture.

8.They Have a Unique Marketing Plan

Any startup business can get its first few civil engineering projects by marketing its services. There’s no sense of having a feasible goal and exceptional plans if you don’t have any client, to begin with. When marketing your business, do not keep secrets. Let project owners know everything they need to know about your services and your methods. This is how they can decide if you are the right one for their project. But before embarking on expensive marketing techniques, start by educating people about what you do and the services that your construction company offers. Remember, marketing is all about making your business reputable. So be creative in relaying your goals and techniques. And when you make the first project right, client retention will be achieved.

But  Most Of All, They Practice Good Leadership

These secrets are what made the top construction companies successful. But apart from these 8 strategies, you need to know that good leadership gets extraordinary results from ordinary people. Some are born leaders. Some learn it through experience or study leadership and apply it to their lives. We’ve seen so many successful people build great businesses by finding, nurturing and motivating the ordinary people who come to work for them. And this goes the same in construction.

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