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Construction Quiz - July 25, 2020


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Here are the correct answer to the questions

1. A small power tool used to cut radius or holes in building materials, has a small blade that moves up and down?
Answer: Jig Saw

2. What is the volume of concrete in an 8 foot tall by 16-inch diameter column (inside diameter)?
Answer: 10.957cubic feet

3. What type of roof covering has longer life?
Answer: Metal Roofing

4. What job a Structural engineer typically perform in residential construction?
Answer: Design, review, and stamps the structural design

5. What does an HVAC contractor typically do?
Answer: Heating ventilation and air conditioning

6. Who can be Subcontractor?
Answer: All of the above

7. Written information that clarifies or modifies the building documents, often issued
Answer: RFI (request from more information)

8. A type of substructure in a building without a basement, an unfinished accessible space below the first floor.
Answer: Crawl Space

9. What is the most used material in construction?
Answer: Concrete

10. Does “Impact Windows” prevent the glass from breaking or shattering?
Answer: No

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