GCM Inc is a contracting company that specializes in constructing residential buildings. With decades of operation, GCM has seen and tried numerous ways of streamlining its processes, improving productivity, and increasing profits. Settling with Pro Crew Schedule, GMC Inc. claims to have found the right partner that will assist the company in its ultimate goal of expanding and succeeding.

Productivity Challenge

GCM Construction Inc. is continuously growing, now with a team of 30-45 employees. Struggling to keep everyone on the same page and cultivate productivity, paper day planners and computer-based calendars just won’t work. Finding a better solution that will lead them to lasting results was their only option so they tried to streamline their workflow using Pro Crew Schedule.

Smarter and Faster Construction Scheduling

A successful construction project is greatly dependent on proficient planning and scheduling. That said, GCM Construction Inc. chose Pro Crew Schedule to access digital tools that helped their supervisors develop a more strategic schedule by simply extracting data written during the planning stage. As the process became easier, the company was able to trim down the number of supervisors needed to write crew schedules and assigned only one person-in-charge.

“We had three supervisors doing all our schedule and scheduling all the materials needed for the job.”

Number of employees used for scheduling

Pro Crew costs $475 per month/$16 per day/$2 per hour of subscription while an employee is paid an average of $14 per hour.

Overall, GCM can save up to $186.2 per day by using Pro Crew Schedule

As soon as they implemented Pro Crew Schedule to replace their manual process, the time they usually spent on writing, checking errors, and rewriting the schedule was also greatly minimized. Consequently, manhours for scheduling were lessened, allowing them to assign the other supervisors on the site.

Hours per day spent on scheduling

“On average, each supervisor spend 5 hours per day on this task (scheduling). When we implemented Pro Crew Schedule, we have 1 decided person handling all schedules, issuing Purchase Orders and releasing materials.”

" The overall savings was 13.3 man hours per day and this allowed us to spend more time and money growing our company. ”

Real-Time Data Sharing and On-time Payment

By using Pro Crew Schedule, GCM Construction Inc. started exchanging data between the site and their office without the need to travel back and forth. Documents were delivered digitally and got rid of the clunky spreadsheets and outdated files. They are now able to input and share information simultaneously, getting rid of their time-consuming papered process.

Consequently, sending invoices to their client was done in real-time and payments were sent on time. This helped them stay on schedule as funds for procuring materials and salaries were sent as needed.

Invoicing turnaround time in days

“On average, it took 4 days for the proper information to reach back to the office so the completed job could be invoiced. With Pro Crew Schedule, we are able to invoice in real time. Our supervisor focused on completing the task and wasn’t concerned with the office.”

Using the power of cloud technology, Pro Crew Schedule was also able to reduce the number of emails exchanged between the site and GCM Inc’s office by having everyone collaborate and communicate online. Crew members working on the field simply have to open their mobile app to check their daily tasks and targets. Precious time was saved while keeping confidential data safe from risky email services.

Hours spent sending schedule and doc per day

“We had 2 office staff emailing schedule daily to all the crew leaders and all the supporting documents. This process took them 2 hours each per day. With Pro Crew Schedule, there is no need for this at all.”

Efficient Crew Management and Time Monitoring

Physical paperwork can cause significant delays. From time logs at the site to approval, days or even weeks were lost from GCM’s timeline. With Pro Crew Schedule, their construction workers started recording their time digitally that was verified by the site supervisor.

Hours spent on timesheets per week

“We used paper timesheets that the crew leader filled out daily, the supervisor would collect the timesheets and turn into the office once per week. The office spent countless time reminding the supervisors to turn in timesheets and then hours checking and correcting them.”


Pro Crew Schedule Helps You Do More Faster

With all tools vital to successful construction management contained in Pro Crew Schedule, you will be able to increase your team’s speed and productivity and make sure that everything’s organized in a single space.

Take it from GCM Construction Inc.!

“Pro Crew Schedule saves us $5,188.58 per month or $62,263 per year.”

Time, manpower, and labor costs were reduced. More savings were achieved by GCM Construction Inc. – something that they couldn’t enjoy with their manual process – when they started streamlining their construction activities through software. Finally, they can allocate their assets on expanding their company.
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